People Share What They Believe To Be The Guy Equivalent To Getting Flowers.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Women usually love receiving flowers but Men, how about you? 

The following AskRedditors shared their responses to the questions, "What's the male equivalent of a girl getting flowers?" and "What gifts for men are equivalent to flowers for women?" 

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Getting food unexpectedly. This sounds like a "make me a sandwich" joke, but I'm serious. If your guy is playing video games, watching sports, working outside and you just bring him a snack, he'll love that.


Getting love notes.

Last December I received a love note from a girl who is a friend of 4 years and also one among 3 of my female 'bros', I was talking a lot to over the distance. She confessed to having a crush on me about 2 years back and said she missed me a lot. My whole room lit up like a supernova. Men are often weighed down by a lot of expectations without appreciation and love notes are probably the ultimate form of appreciation out there.


One time my ex randomly showed up at my house with a bottle of scotch and I drank the scotch and we had sex.

So uhh, that.


I bought a guy some cacti once to thank him for helping me with my IKEA furniture. As far as I know, he liked them and still has them.


I really enjoyed getting caressed and scratched, like head scratches, or back scratches, it usually relaxes me and I feel touch is pretty intimate.


A guy getting a long and warm hug. Hugs make the world go round, or is it flat?


Them asking me how my day went. I almost never get any questions about my well-being.


Tools. I had a girlfriend once get me a 1000 piece assortment of zip ties. Almost married that girl.


To me, it's getting a million kisses on my face!


These days? Maybe a Steam gift card or tickets to a game. 


Getting a genuine compliment.


Ties. Three years ago it would have been a complete waste of money, but now that I wear a tie every day, ties are the only article I put much care into.


On my birthday, my ex said she was about to leave with friends somewhere. I said ok and went out for a smoke.

Next minute I got back, she was standing in my room wearing stockings, high heels, and black underwear, smiling at me seductively. I was speechless. She just pushed me on a bed and went down. We were intimate for about two hours. Probably the best sex in my life.


I once got a card that started a scavenger hunt. She made the card in the form of a world of warcraft quest. There was a story to the quest as usual with hints in it. The notes I uncovered were inside jokes about our relationship. When I solved the last note, it took me back to the bag that was laid down on the bed that contained the main quest. The bottom of the bag had a hidden compartment and there was a perfume inside and another card that rewarded me +750 experience and the perfume. Best gift I have ever received.


My best friends answer would be beef jerky.

Gave him a $120 box of fancy beef jerky for his birthday and I wish I could have seen his face.


I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but homemade baked goods. I moved into a new apartment for an internship halfway across the country and my girlfriend overnighted me some scones she'd just baked. It was the best thing. It isn't expensive, it shows you care, and they will always go appreciated.


Some guys like gifts, some guys don't. I don't like gifts, but that's also because I've dated spoiled rich girls who expected them and that experience sort of ruined it for me. But there are other ways to show appreciation.

My current girlfriend does this one thing that always makes me smile. I am a heavy sleeper and I have a hard time getting up early in the morning. She's a morning person so she's always up ahead of me so now she likes to get up while I'm still sleeping and makes coffee for me. She doesn't even drink coffee and at first didn't even know what proportions to use.

It makes me smile every time because getting my morning coffee is the first thing I do every day. It's a small gesture but it's one I really appreciate because I always wake up very sleepy. She usually wakes me up getting back in bed and now that I know what she's doing, it gives me a great opportunity to show my appreciation in another way.


When I've had a girlfriend, her getting me t-shirts or nice shaving cream she sees on sale at otherwise too-expensive shops, well I remember that. Gestures to indicate you're thinking about him.


Bringing lunch to my job. Burger and fries, Chinese, Italian... She knows what I like. But the best part about it is I get to see her in full work attire.

Since she leaves for work before I wake up I don't usually get to see what she's wearing and by the time I get home, she's already in her relaxing attire. Still looks nice but it's something about seeing her in head to toe business attire that makes me want to... Yeah, that.


Honestly, a nice dinner date (either at home or out) and spending some quality time together is what I would really want.


Pocket knives are the gift to give a man for almost any occasion. They're cool, exceedingly useful, and make us feel manly. Get a Benchmade for special events. 


Honestly, a 6-pack of beer is probably as close as you're going to get to flowers-equivalency. They range from cheap to really expensive, you can pick them up at a grocery store, or you can go to a specialist shop, and there's a decent chance you'll get the wrong kind if you don't know your partner.


If a woman bought me Lego I think I'd propose. I'd have to play with the Lego first. 


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