People Share What They Dislike The Most About The World Right Now.

Would you say you were a glass half empty or half full kind of person? To some, the world may be better than it's ever been with the advancement of technology and opportunities. To others, the world we use to know has gone to complete ruins. As for me, my answer depends on what day you ask but I will say, I'm thankful to be alive. 

The following AskRedditors shared their thoughts, answering the question, "What do you hate most about the world now?" 

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Proven facts getting obscured and treated like they're just an optional interpretation of reality instead of reality itself.


That working 8-6 with a one way 45 minute commute, on a job that is most likely not important in any large way, but just sucking up more resources, or being a middle man sucking off wealth, while having to ignore friends and family, is considered noble, and a necessity for the modern world.

So much stems from that mindset that is just purely destructive.


Maybe it's just me but I feel like the quality of most products have down just so companies can save a dime or two.


Knowing about math and physics doesn't necessarily make you smart. Not knowing most definitely doesn't make you unintelligent. 

I see where you're coming from, though.


I always wonder how people can find themselves in places of power or leadership and still make decisions that only benefit themselves. I mean, if I became president of Earth I'd try my damnedest to try and make sure that everyone had a reasonable quality of life.


Feels over reals.

What's true, what's right, and what's best for everybody have all become secondary to making sure that "your side" wins and the other loses.


I used to be the type who scoffed at the notion of "emotional intelligence", but now that I'm older I'm realizing that it is actually the foundation that every other aspect of your personality relies on and is profoundly and unavoidably affected by.


The ruling class creates divisive rhetoric because it's divide and conquer of the middle and lower class.

The underclasses buy into it because people are desperate to feel self-righteous and feel like they belong to something.

Politicians in America's past have talked about it. If you allow 1 class of people to look down on another class of people, you can rob both of them blind.


We could really be doing great things right now - together. We could end world hunger and make sure everyone in the world has a good education. It's possible now with technology and other areas of advancement. But we're choosing to divide and we're losing our empathy.


Media is probably the worst. If it worked well it would expose the bad and help to educate us. Instead, it's used to twist hearts and minds to the whims of the billionaires who own it.


The fact that I can't go to an airport, a movie, a concert, a mall, a sporting event, etc. without constantly feeling a bit anxious that a bomb is going to go off next to me or someone is going to pull out a gun and open fire.


I feel like we live in the "age of outrage." Everyone is ticked off and on some crusade to let everyone know. Anger doesn't seem to escalate, people are nuclearly pissed off immediately and constantly.


There's this set of rules you HAVE to follow or society will see you in a negative light. You HAVE to go to college. You HAVE to have kids by a certain age. You HAVE to do adult things because you are an adult. Societal norms like these really upset me. 


That talentless terrible people can end up filthy rich while good, talented hard working people live paycheck to paycheck.


How quickly everyone forms their opinions based on what they hear versus what they experience.

This can apply to anything from rampant, deep-seated racism to something as simple as an opinion of a band.

There seems to be so much readiness to give up your ability to judge when presented with the easy, preconceived opinion. I don't know if it feels like effort and people are too "lazy" to take the time to see why they should feel differently, if it is groupthink and these opinions are part of the culture that you need to adapt to fit in or if there is pure ignorance in regards to understanding the other sides of the argument.

People are so ready to jump on these commonly pushed opinions with little foundation. I will hear people discuss how a particular player on a team "sucks" but they at the same time say how they don't watch the games. How a band sucks, but they have never heard their music. How they can dismiss an entire race based on what they hear instead of their own experiences whether those be positive or negative.

I try to notice when I fall into this trap in my own life and try to step back and look at things with fresh eyes. There is no reason to assume I am right especially when I consider how little knowledge and experience I have on any given topics. Playing devil's advocate to any given opinion really helps to give me the insight I might have otherwise never gotten. It frustrates me when opinions are formed en masse and perpetuated with no basis.


Animal cruelty. It blossoms everywhere, no matter what nation, religion or culture, we sure enjoy torturing and killing every other living form other than humans. Just read an article about how hunters execute 50 000-60 000 Galgo and Podenco dogs each year. They believe that the more painful way the dog dies, the better luck the next hunting season, so they burn them alive, hang them, throw them out of cars on busy motorways, beat them to death, inject them with bleach, scoop their eyes out, burn them with cigarettes. I had a great day before reading the article and now I am in tears.

But yeah, okay sure, we enjoy torturing and killing humans too more than enough, with the most imaginative ways possible. Or just in general making the lives of people as hard, painful, miserable and sad possible and we sure aren't running out of the things that motivate us to do those things either, everything from religion to misogyny to racism to how we value human life based on money is there and so so much more.

How we are effectively messing up (or more like already messed up) our planet right now is surely on top of the list. 

So I guess, in short, humans. I hate humans cruelty and stupidity most in the world right now.


How smartphones and social media are killing face-to-face interactions.


I strongly dislike how over-sensitive people have gotten. Political correctness has gone out of control. You can't say anything anymore without it offending someone. Also, how the media really push extreme political correctness on everyone, and young impressionable people just believe it. It's created this "us against them" mentality. And if you don't go along with it - guess what, you're a racist. It really sucks.

Oh, and I also hate the 50 Shades franchise.


I hate how it's common now for people to self-diagnose themselves with mental illnesses. Every where I look, somebody has an anxiety disorder or depression. Glamourising it. 


How we are taking many of our resources for granted. We're supplying ourselves with valuable natural resources and disposing of them improperly while harming the habitats of animals and plants in the process. We use plastics every day but improper disposal harms marine animals. More importantly, we undervalue the importance of drinkable water. Only 2.5-2.75% of the Earth's water is fresh and less than 1% of the fresh water is easily accessible.


Social media.

In particular the narcissistic nature of it all.


The state of U.S politics. Everyone is so tied to Republican and Democrat they forgot what actual conservatism and liberalism are supposed to be about. Two sides of the same coin. Conservatives need to keep liberals fiscally in check but liberals need to also keep our government moving forward with progressive ideas.



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