People That Have Worked At “Breastaurants” Share Their Customer And Work Experience.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "Redditors that have worked in "breastaurants" (e.g. Hooters or TwinPeaks), how were the working conditions for you and did any customers overstep their boundaries, what happened?"

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This guy came in with his friend. The guy was trying to make it fun for his friend who obviously did not want to be there. It looked like they had just gotten off of work or something. Anyway, so one of the waitresses walks over to take their order, and the guy says "I'll have the chicken breast, hold the chicken.


Worked at Hooters about a decade ago. I don't actually have a lot going on up top, but I've got a pretty nice butt, so they hired me to "round out the staff." Most customers were perfectly nice and polite. I was surprised at how many families came to eat there. We used to have themed nights, and one evening it was all bikers. I was a little intimidated going into it, but can truthfully say they were some of the friendliest and most respectful people I ever served, and they tipped well. I only ever had a bad time once, and it was on another theme night, this one was for Marines. I was pinched, patted, manhandled, pulled onto laps, and called a tease or worse if I didn't go along with it. My opinion of the Corps changed a LOT that night.


I worked at a Tilted Kilt. Some patrons were a little creepy. Some were really cool regulars. Some were just awkward guys trying to learn how to talk to girls. We had families come in and were more sports oriented. We had one event where former Redskins player Chris Cooley came in to sign autographs.


I worked at Hooters for around a year and was surprised by a few of the dynamics. The girls were a lot nicer to each other than I would have expected, not nearly as much cattiness as you would expect on a staff of all women. Most of us were students, a few were moms, and we would sit out after work and talk about the good, the bad, and the jerks. Regulars are HUGE there (at least at my location). A regular would have his favorite girl, come in at the start shift, and leave at the end, and they made up 70% of my tips probably. Lots of phone numbers and gifts, but honestly not a whole lot more than I received working at a neighborhood bar. I quit one day finally when a customer pretended to be blind, (dark sunglasses, feeling the edge of the tables to get around) and asked me to sit beside him and read him a menu. Not that strange of a request, until he put 100 bucks down my shirt and attempted to feel my breasts inside my shirt. Told a manager, who said it was my fault, transferred the table, and I quit at the end of my shift.


I worked in the kitchen of a Canadian chain that is known as a high-class-hooters. I was shocked at how incompetent the waitstaff and bartenders were. They literally hired models / actresses with 0 serving experience. Their only job was to take the order and interact with the customer; literally everything else was done by food-runners, bus boys, etc.

It was a little surreal to be honest. And I think they hype themselves as one of the top ten ranked employers in Canada.


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I thought it was a great job. This was a decade ago, and it was a very busy restaurant. There was no time for shenanigans and no incentive for managers to put up with unruly customers. I have to add, that I was one of the few girls working there who wasn't in college, or a recent college grad, or a mother who was taking a second job to better her life. I was really young and it taught me a lot about hard work, and how tough women can be all while having a smile on their faces. It was fun, but it was strict, long hours and physically demanding. I don't know if that is the general experience or my store was rare.


I worked at a wing house which is pretty much the same as Hooters except our shorts are a little bit shorter. Normally people are super respectful, but once an ex-firefighter pulled me towards him because I was really busy and wasn't giving him enough attention I guess. He wouldn't let me go even after I tried to pull away, which was mildly traumatic.


I worked at Hooters for a couple of years. Was actually not that bad. You would get your creepers and some guys get a bit handsy when they are drunk, but you learn to ignore it pretty quickly. I always made great tips (being one of the bustier girls certainly helped with that).


Worked at Hooters for about three years when I first moved to the city. I had no job when I moved there and walked in to apply and got hired on the spot. It actually wasn't catty at all, the girls were great. Most of the girls were either in college or trying to break into acting. The regulars we had were a blast, the managers were great and honestly the girls there were so much fun to hang out with. It was actually a great experience. We'd get a few creepy guys but the managers would kick them out if you complained. We had this regular that was an older man, like 70-80 that would come in with a younger attractive lady. I figured she was like a niece or granddaughter taking him out. Why I thought this, I don't know I guess I'm super naive. They'd have a few drinks and tip well, super polite and everyone liked to serve them. They'd come in every few months. They were in my section one day and my shift was ending so they paid up and asked me if I would join them for a drink. Sure, why not? We often did this with regulars. They started taking about their cottage and stuff and I was like oh! They're a couple! I don't even know how they segued into but they started taking about how the old man liked to watch the lady kiss other women in their hot tub and would I like to join them at their cottage. I declined and left. 


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I worked at a high end lounge called "The Redhead Piano Bar" in Chicago and even though it had a dress code and allowed cigar smoking, it was a classy breastaurant. My uniform was a red choker (before they made a recent comeback) a bustier, fitted tux jacket, black stockings and heels. No pants. Of course these rich old men would have a few scotches and get a bit touchy, but it was dark and the piano was loud. But luckily we had our "blink lights." Part of our uniform was a bright led pen light, and when we needed to get a bouncer's attention we would repeatedly blink the light in their direction. If we blinked because of you, you were thrown out onto the street in a matter of seconds.


I worked at Hooters.

It wasn't too bad actually, I only had a few men (and one woman) who ever got too explicit. Probably had a phone number left every other shift or sometimes two to three numbers a night, depending on what other girls were working. I made pretty good money, my last night (I made altogether 400$). I had one table with two men leave me 160$ but one of the men pretty much manhandled me before he left. It was a fun job all around though.


I currently work at Hooters and I've been there for about two years. Management is very important but I have honestly been treated better at Hooters than I have at any of my others jobs. The girls become your best friends. Everyone has this stigma that it's like a strip club but it's like any other family restaurant. It's fun and we are treated in a respectable manner.

I would say most customers are very respectful but then there are the few that definitely cross the line. I once caught a guy taking pictures of me and the other girls so I grabbed his phone and he was zooming in and had taken at least 50 pictures of our behinds and breasts.


I worked at Tilted Kilt for about a year during college and it was overall a much more pleasant experience than I had expected. I had worked in a restaurant prior but only had hostessing experience but I lied on my resume and said I had served before (figured they wouldn't look to much into it) so I got to start right away as a server which was awesome. Serving itself was harder than I thought but SO much fun most days. Costumers were usually men on work trips and we definitely had quite a few regulars who were all a little off but very nice and would bring chocolate or coffee for everyone. I had one regular actually give me a $20 when I had told him another table left me nothing on a $100+ tab. One regular apparently paid for a girls boob job.

Girls were shockingly nice and we all looked out for one another. Managers didn't put up with crap from any costumers and if we ever felt uncomfortable we were encouraged to let them know. We were also usually walked out to our cars by bus boys or bar-backs most nights. My biggest complaint was honestly the uniforms due to the fact they were really uncomfortable. Also had to wear little high heeled shoes that made me almost twist my ankles a few times running from table to table. Overall, I loved the experience and and I got to meet some really cool people. 10/10 would recommend.


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I was a Hooters girl for 2.5 years. Did swimsuit pageants and promo work. It was a lot of fun and I made a ton of money. Couple of creeps and lots of guys thinking they can get your number. I liked the promo work the best though. Management was super cool and laid back. I worked there from senior in high school till I got a job mid college.


I worked at a place in Texas called Bone Daddy's, similar to Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, etc. They wanted you to be "model ready" and I had to get a spray tan before I started, and apparently my hair only looked good when it was curled and not straight. Like other similar places they'd tell certain girls they needed to step up their workout routine or put more make-up on during a double. We were told if any guy asks what's on the menu we had to tell them "anything they want," cue the "but I don't see you on the menu" times a million with creepy smirks. Some girls sat in guys laps and I know one who got a boob job paid for from her regular. Not that uncommon in a place like that. You could definitely tell which girls actually enjoyed the place and which only did it for quick money. I stayed there for a little over a month and it was the only job I no call no showed for because I had had it with their ideals. The money was the only perk obviously... you'd work two hours and make $150+ and call it a day. That was super nice. Other than that, nope.


I worked at a restaurant similar to Hooters but in the South. I helped open the restaurant so the first 2 months was just training before they opened so it was fine but once they opened it was miserable. I had a manager tell me on all separate occasions that I "needed to cut my hair because I had split ends" "do some crunches" (I weighed 100lbs) "wear more makeup" so I quit. The only job I no called no showed and no one even called me to make sure I was alright or anything. Also, whenever it wasn't busy they would make a group of girls go outside and do cheerleading moves in the middle of traffic.


I worked at Hooters. You have to sign weight/beauty contracts when you start. If you change your hair color, gain/lose weight, get any surgical procedure done, you can be put on probation if it isn't up to their standards. I felt horrible for girls who had to deal with that.

Most of the girls are extremely catty. Your best tips come from regulars. There was always table stealing and the men loved it. A lot of intelligent girls work there to pay for school (like myself), so not everyone was raging all the time. You also have a ton of girls who strip/solicit on the side which is strictly forbidden.

The worst situation I ever had to deal with was when a man was caught masturbating at the bar. He was arrested and had sexually harassed a few girls during that shift. I quit after that. Also, there was a regular who would only tip you if you danced on him. It was gross.

The men in the kitchen were amazing. I befriended them all. They helped me with my side work and gave me free food (we had to pay for food there!!!). I would always tip them out for their generosity and they appreciated it.

My manager was a gay man who would occasionally put on the Hooters uniform and serve tables.


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I worked at Hooters almost 10 years ago as a hostess and a waitress after I turned 18. The women I worked with were pretty cool and the job was okay, my specific location was always slow so we hardly ever had more than 3 waitress during "peak" hours unless there was a fight going on. I ended up getting the boot after I refused to continue picking up my coworkers so they could come in and work instead of allowing me to work for them. This happened at least 4 or 5 times and the managers refused to reimburse me for the gas I used to pick them up. That's when I learned the restaurant business was not for me.


Currently work at Hooters. I've been there for 5 years. I have a love/ hate relationship with the job. I love the people I work with and a lot of the regulars. I make great money and it's a more laid back environment than any other restaurant I have worked at. However, I cannot stand how corporate is running the business. We are no longer allowed to sit with our customers (I get why we are no longer allowed to but as long as you're on top of your stuff and are spending equal time with each customer I don't see what the problem is) and they're basically turning us into robots with everything we need to mention to every table. We have to ID literally EVERYONE that orders alcohol. We have secret shoppers and if we don't ID and they're a shop we get fired. Imagine having to ID a 95 year old man. I've been accused of being an idiot because I'm not trying to get fired.

As far as customers overstepping boundaries, I've never really had too much of an issue. I've seen it happen. A girl had her behind grabbed and he got kicked out. Another had someone grab her breasts. She threw a beer bottle at him and he got booted out as well. And then there's the one or two regulars that think they're able to make moves "because they're regulars". Overall management has our backs when it comes to customers overstepping boundaries or just causing issues regularly.

The thing that irritates me (personally) the most is when people automatically assume that we're all a bunch of dumb girls that like to show our breasts. I absolutely LOVE when people ask if I'm in school and what I want to do (in a very condescending tone) and I get to throw back at them that I just graduated with a BS in Chemistry and am currently taking time off before looking for a job. The look on their face is priceless. Suddenly they start talking to me like I'm a normal human being.

Like I said, I have a love/ hate relationship with my job. For all the terrible parts, the girls and a majority of the customers make up for it. It's just the few that I mentioned that make me hate my job at times.


I worked at Hooters while on break from school for a year, and then while continuing in medical school for another year. Honestly, I loved it. I was always really nerdy growing up and it was really cool to be treated like I was pretty/sexy/hot. It helped my confidence a lot, too.

The customers were generally very nice. There are always a few creeps, but I feel like that's going to be true no matter what restaurant you work at. The regulars there generally tried to watch out for us too, and kept people from getting too out of line.

The worst part was probably the social stigma I got from people not in the Hooters line of work. My friends and family were pretty judge-y and lots of random people felt it was appropriate to start telling me how stupid Hooters girls were, or how that was such a bad job. They would always clarify "but I mean, you're different of course.

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One of my friend's uncles got mad at me for having Hooters as my employment on Facebook and told me I should change it because people wouldn't know how smart I was and would think I was "just a Hooter's girl".

Working conditions: the managers were all really nice, the girls could get a little sassy (but to be honest they were girls ages 19-21 who were competing for money on the basis of flirting and prettiness- it's pretty cutthroat), the kitchen guys were awesome. Lots of the girls are really good people. Most of my coworkers were either college students or moms of young kids, and I'm still closer friends with my former coworkers than I am with any of the people in my class.


Worked at Hooters for about 5 years, was a certified trainer and bartender and all that jazz - during that time I worked for three separate locations so I got a pretty good lay of the land when it comes to how the company runs.

1) Generally speaking the rest of the staff was awesome. I worked with a lot of great girls and while the BOH staff weren't always the brightest, as long as you treated them with respect they were great.

2) Management sucks. I probably dealt with anywhere from 15 to 25 different store and assistant store managers during my time with the company and there are maybe 3 that I would consider to be competent, ethical individuals. I know of at least 5 managers who were having sex with some of the not-so-great girls and would blatantly give whoever was going home with them the choice schedules.

3) Customers were a mixed bag. Regulars were how you made your money. Surprisingly a lot of families, and a lot of people who just wanted somewhere to watch sports and drink beer and couldn't have cared less who was bringing it to the table. Definitely dealt with a few creepy guys, but not as many as you might think. Had to kick a guy out for masturbating at the bar, and had to ban another guy for peeing in the corner every time he came in, but otherwise relatively tame. I did have one man actually brave enough to slap my butt once - I threatened to break every digit he had if he even so much as looked at me again and that was the end of my troubles with him.

I genuinely love some of the people that I met there, both staff and customers, and I wouldn't change that for anything. I should add why I left... Wound up quitting because I was burned due to one of the not-so-great girls' negligence and after returning from the emergency room was written up for accusing her of being strung out (even though my GM had called in that morning to ask me if she was messed up at work again) and they refused to drug test her because she was having sex with the regional manager, so I walked out.



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