People Who Have Found Their Friends "Secret" Reddit Account, Reveal The Most Unexpected Thing They Discovered.

For some, social media accounts are a reflection of their real lives. For others, their online presence is the complete opposite, where they uphold another identity that no one knows about. But, what if your secret online identity was exposed to someone you know? 

In the following article, AskRedditors response to the question, "People who have found their friends 'secret' Reddit accounts, what was the most shocking thing you found out about them?" 

For more shocking stories, take a look at the original AskReddit thread at the end of the article. 

I used an old friend's laptop to check my email and while doing that I came across his Reddit name. He is someone I've known since we were both riding tricycles. I looked him up and he has a story about having sex with an odd lady in the neighborhood when he was 17.


 I know who she is. I had sex with this neighborhood lady, too.


It was very odd. All of a sudden I found an account with tons of pictures of stuff inside my own home. Took a few minutes of investigating to find out which of my friends it was. It wasn't anything bad. The one that tipped me off was a post about some seedless oranges that had seeds. I thought "hey that counter is the same color as mine, hey wait there's an identical scratch in the same spot, what the heck that's even the same oranges I buy." Looking further into the account I realize it was, in fact, my house and I was missing out on that sweet, sweet aroma all around my house.


Our D&D District Manager shared a post he'd made regarding our group.

He and his wife are also active on several BDSM subreddits, where they were requesting advice on the best way to be intimate. 


I found my teen brother's girlfriend's Reddit account, apparently while they were going through a 50 Shades phase.


I posted a funny picture of my school on a different account. A classmate recognized the location of the picture and private messaged me. I looked through their past posts and figured out who it was. I also learned that she hadn't ovulated in 8 months and had some serious vaginal issues that were being explained in detail on several female help subreddits.


I've got a buddy who would always make comments about girls fixated on their bottoms. Comments like "I'd put it in her private". Well, he bragged about a certain post hitting the front page and when I went to check his history, he had commented on several girls' 'Not Safe For Work' posts, and guess what kind of comments they were? They were all bottom related. Even if the girl in said pic wasn't showing her bottom half at all. It was one of those "I don't know what I expected" moments.


My roommate posted in a subreddit that was for writing letters and not sending them. He detailed how he felt bad that his depression and overall mental health was affecting me and our friends', lives. I didn't confront him about it but I talked to our friends and we've all been more cognizant of his internal struggle, and helped push him in the right direction (college, therapy, better jobs). I like to think that it helped us to help him improve his life. 4 years later, and our friendship is only stronger!


I found my younger sister's account. It's ok she was just posting on various animal subreddits. She's a veterinarian and would post some of the cute animals in her office. We're both over 40 but it was very cute to witness.


A coworker is really into any and all milk related pornography. Those subreddits would be dead without him.


This girl I was dating said she read something in an AskReddit thread, and it turned out I posted it. I said, "that was me!"

She was initially really excited, but then she must have gone through my whole comment and post history because she never responded to me again.


I found out that the guy I was dating was about to break up with me. Actually, it was a very thoughtful post and helped me understand his point of view.


I found out my college wrestling coworker was really into decorating cakes. It was funny cause he was totally a man's man kinda guy. 

He left a cake page open and I ended up asking him about it. His eyes lit way up and he was like, "Do you wanna see my cakes?!" I said sure and spent the next half hour with him showing me cakes he had made and his ideas for making them. Like, he got really excited about one he made for lifeguard friends where it looked like a pool and he had this idea to use Fruit Loops as buoys. His favorite one looked like this beautiful bouquet of flowers in a basket.

The guy really loved talking about decorating cakes. It actually made us developed a bond we didn't have before. From then on he would have me come to his desk and look at a new cake photo every week.


I found a good friend's account. Nothing shocking, other than he's getting really good at English and I didn't know that. It's been a running joke how terrible he is at it, but Reddit is good practice, I guess! He only posts to subreddits that are in line with his obvious hobbies and interests that I already knew about but doesn't get a lot of karma score. So when he posts something, I'll secretly go read the thread and give him a secret upvote.

It's also a welcome surprise how nice and kind he is to everyone. He's not so nice In real life. 


Through a friend, I had found my now-ex boyfriend's other Reddit account. Turns out he was cheating on me. 


Stumbled across a good friend's wife's account. Turns out that he had cheated on her just before I met her, which would explain why I thought that she was boring and had no personality at the time and why she seems like a totally different person several years later. 


Found a childhood friend's account once. I'm not 100% sure it's him, but he talks the same way he did, has the same interests, moved to the same small town around the same time, was in the military at the same time, and the username was something he was into at the time he moved away.

He and his sister were both really different in a way that made me not like being around them together (separately they were more tolerable). Which made it all the wilder when I found his post history included a lot of stuff on incest. Also, he got arrested for trying to have sex with a minor a few months after I found this, so yeah.


I found my ex's account. He was honest about his love of wrestling and video games, not so honest about being single. Surprise! He's Married.


A few years ago in college, my roommates and I noticed our friend/roommate Jeff was becoming increasingly distant and really wasn't the same bright kid everyone knew him to be.

After days of trying to convince him to give us his computer password, my roommate finally got it out of him. We did some digging on his computer and in his room (I know this was an invasion of privacy but we were actually worried about him). We found his Reddit account logged in and turns out he was super active and was posting pictures of drugs he was into.

We decided as a group that we would call his parents and tell them everything so that's exactly what we did. He hated us for it but honestly, we didn't really care. His parents sent him to Maine for rehab where he relapsed and then eventually got sent to California. He did incredibly out there and was a year clean and was skyping us every day to show us his new place and send us pictures of all the hiking he was doing.

We kept tabs on his Reddit account just in case anything were to happen. So after about a year, he posted a picture of a needle and 3 hits with the caption "I woke up in a new Bugatti". Two days later his mom called us and told us Jeff overdosed and passed. Rest In Peace, buddy we love and miss you soo much.


So one of my good friends and I once went to hang out at another friend's place. We (me, her, him and one of his roommates) were all partying and then ended up hanging out on a bed, watching something on TV, and the roommate left. While I was asleep, I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and my (married) friend began hooking up with the guy in the bed next to me. I really, really didn't know what to do, so I pretended I didn't know.

The following days that ensued, I still had no clue what to do. Obviously, she had cheated and it was wrong, but should I tell him? Confront her? Stay out of it? I didn't want to talk to any of our other friends about it because rumors spread like wildfire, so I posted about it on Reddit.

A few days later my friend pulls me aside and tells me that her husband had found my Reddit account and the post I made about her hooking up with our friend. She wanted to talk about it. I was terrified that I had ruined her marriage (I know, I know, she's the one that was cheating) and that she would be hideously angry for the rest of our lives.

Turns out, their marriage had been failing anyway (surprise) and they had agreed to an open marriage as a last ditch effort to find happiness together. They were divorced within the year, and I had a new Reddit account within a day.


I snooped on my brother's phone and found his Reddit username. I was shocked that he only had like 6 or 7 comments, all of which were about giving hope to drug and alcohol addicts. He had a rough patch in his late teens where drugs and alcohol had taken over his life, but he has since cleaned up and has a wife and kids. Even though he had cleaned up, I had always thought of him as the black sheep of the family, but now I look up to his example. He is the only person I know whose Reddit history made me think more of them.


I found a guy asking for employment advice around the time a colleague was getting fired, tagged him on RES, forgot about him. Fast forward 3 years, he started leaving reviews of sellers online, mostly drugs. Stumbled upon him at the mall a few months later, the guy was a wreck.



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