'That Baby's Not Mine': Doctors Share Stories Of Meltdowns In The Delivery Room

Like a real life episode from The Maury Show or Jerry Springer, the following AskReddit users share some outrageous tales from the hospital where couples have literally discovered that their significant other was cheating on them by of the birth of "their" child.

We just had one last week at our hospital. Young white couple and out pops a black baby. The wife didn't even warn him of the possibility that it would not be his kid. Well, the boyfriend (who frankly seems like a better human being than the husband) shows up at the hospital right after the birth, and the wife says that she wants him- not the husband. So, the husband gets violent and starts attacking the both of them and has to be arrested. Huge scene! What a horrible way to find out that your spouse has been cheating on you.


It wasn't during the birth, but I used to work for a urologist who did vasectomies. He did a vas on a guy, and then did the requisite 3-month and 6-month semen analysis follow-up tests to make sure it worked. The 6-month test showed no sperm, so the guy was all set to not father children. Fast forward two years, and he calls my surgeon fuming, ranting, and raving about how he messed up his vasectomy, and now his wife was pregnant. So, the doctor orders another semen analysis, and of course, it comes back totally negative. A very awkward conversation ensued in the exam room that I would have paid to eavesdrop on. The best part is, the couple left the office pissed and with the wife sticking to her story that she would never cheat on her husband, and the husband in complete denial that she would ever lie about that. Last I heard, they were gearing up to sue or something, but I don't work there anymore. So, I don't know what happened 


A friend of mine went though it. He went down a dark path of drugs, and we'd lost touch after a big fight about how he was messed up all of the time and was wasting his life.

He contacted me out of the blue to say that I was right. He needed to step up and be more responsible, and he had quit everything cold turkey because he was going to be a dad. Apparently, he was going to help his girl get sober, and they were going to have this kid and get married.

He really got his stuff together over the course of the pregnancy. He was clean, got a job, and got a nice place to live. She was not so dedicated. She continued to use drugs throughout the pregnancy.

She ended up going into labor early at 26 weeks. She gave birth to a premature addicted baby boy. He went directly into the NICU. She stayed in the hospital and visited until they released her. She then disappeared. She never visited the baby, never called to check in, and didn't go home. She just fell off the face of the Earth. 

However, he spent every spare second at the NICU with that baby. As the weeks passed, it became pretty obvious that the baby wasn't his (as skin tone evened out and hair came in). The woman was blonde with blue eyes. My friend was super pale and blonde with blue eyes. The baby was clearly half hispanic.

He wanted to adopt the baby, but they wouldn't let him. The state took the child, and it went into foster care.

It totally messed him up for a long time. He relapsed for awhile and got into a bad car accident. He spent some time in the hospital and then got everything back together. He's married now to a really nice girl and rapidly had four kids that are his with another currently on the way.


My husband, then-boyfriend, was in the process of getting divorced when I found out I was pregnant. His soon-to-be ex wife found out a month later that she was also pregnant from a guy she had a one-night stand with (not my husband). Prior to this, she was refusing to sign divorce papers because she hoped to reconcile, even if he did have a pregnant girlfriend. Obviously it wouldn't work out since she got knocked up by another guy, so she finally signed them.

The similar part is that our due dates were 11 days apart. We had the same obstetrician and were set to deliver at the same hospital. My company switched insurances a week before I was due, and I got to pick a different hospital. Wouldn't you know it, we went into labor hours apart and delivered on the same day. Our obstetrician had to deliver my son first, and then run across town to deliver her son. The OB did a double take when she saw my ex's family show up to visit her later after visiting us. They were with the "he may have divorced her, but we didn't" mind. His sister even stayed when she delivered to be her support buddy, even though she was officially with the one-night stand guy and his family was there.

Our OB told us she thought that was the most "Jerry Springer" thing she had seen in awhile.


I'm not a doctor, but when my godson was born, the nurse told us about this guy who had gotten two girls pregnant at the same time. They both wound up at the same hospital, just down the hall from each other, giving birth a few hours apart. 


I went to high school with a girl who got pregnant our senior year. Her baby's father had knocked up her older sister a year or two before, so they were raised as sibling-cousins! Unsurprisingly, the dad didn't stick around.


One of my colleagues in Anesthesia once placed an epidural in a heavily tattooed lady. Apparently, she had "Steve's Lunchbox" tattooed above her vagina. She gave birth. The OB/GYN turned to the father in the room and said, "Congratulations, Steve."

The guy stated, "My name isn't Steve."

There were no meltdowns or anything- just an awkward moment.


A woman was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve with abdominal pain after she fell over. A routine pregnancy test came back positive, and the doctor thought that she was either a bit plump, or about 30-weeks pregnant (which she was oblivious to).

They transferred her to the obstetrics due to ongoing pain, which turned out to be contractions.

Her sister comes in while I'm writing in her notes and asks about her partner, who apparently was on deployment with the army until a month ago. He was already on the way. He knew she was pregnant, but not 30-weeks.

He arrives and she pretty much just coughs and out comes her baby, 8-weeks preterm, but not in a bad condition at all considering the circumstances. 

He quickly puts two and two together and realizes it's clearly not his. She genuinely doesn't even know what's happening as she is still intoxicated.

He leaves and I presume he never went back now that he could see what a mess of a partner he had.

Next day, I review her on postnatal ward. She is discharged, although her baby is staying in, so she does as well. She asks me what happened. She had literally no idea that she was pregnant. She admits to having slept with someone, but she can't remember who and doesn't remember her partner showing up and dumping her.

I felt sorry for her and the child. She might see this as a massive wake-up call and turn her life around, but she had everything stacked against her. She was a single and unemployed mother with a baby that she was totally unprepared for.


My friend was a delivery nurse for the hospital that all high-risk pregnancies go to. They are extremely busy, and she has brought a lot of people into the world. She once delivered a baby in the parking lot by herself. This has come up on a weekly basis, but she shared the best story with us.

A Caucasian couple came in, and the mother was in labor. When the guy was filling out the paperwork, the mother takes the doctor aside. She tells him that there was a chance the baby maybe a different race than the father and to let her know as soon as the baby is born.

The baby is born. The doctor turns to the mother and announces loudly,"Congratulations on your WHITE baby boy."


A patient asked if both possible fathers could be present during her c-section, so neither one of them would miss the birth of "his" child. They would figure out the details later.


I had an OB nurse tell me an interesting story when I was pregnant with my son after she asked me if my husband was the father because well "you never know."

A woman came into the office with two men. When she asked her who the father was they both replied, "I am!" She asked the two men to wait outside while she did another test, but it was really an excuse to get them out of the room so she could ask the mom-to-be what was going on. She broke down and told the nurse that she didn't know who the father was and that there could be a possible third candidate as well. 


This happened when I was a med student on OB. A 15-year-old girl initially claimed that she couldn't be pregnant because she had "never had sex." On subsequent encounters, after my rotation began, she started coming in with a young man (same race) who was "the father". Fast forward several months, she gives birth to a baby that was mixed. The guy appeared just dumb-founded, but he didn't leave. They even left the hospital with the baby together. 


I'm a med student and asked one of my teachers- who is a geneticist. She said that one time she had this girl in high school who wanted to figure out who the father of her baby was. They had to test everyone who COULD have possibly been the father, and due to the events of a party she was at, 8 high school guys had to come in with their parents and get tested. 


I'm a delivery room doctor. One time, we had a white couple who were in the delivery room and their baby came out black. The Caucasian dad was so clueless and really thought that it was his. I took him aside and said, "Sir, you know that's not YOUR son, right?" He said it was. He went on to explain to me that he has some darker skinned Italian relatives and that the baby was probably just darker because he had inherited their traits. 


I casually knew one of the parents, the father to be exact. He came in freaking out because his wife had a kid. Well, he was white, and so was she, but the kid was born a dark mulatto. He instantly dumped her and started filing for divorce. She had no idea what the hell had happened. She forced a DNA test on him before she could do anything else. Three months later, it turns out that it WAS his kid. Her parents, his parents, basically everyone thought he was a fool. His mother apparently had a black grandmother. So, the genes came through extra strong somehow in their kid so many generations down the line. Safe to say, they are going through a hell of a lot of therapy right now. She never cheated on him, and he never believed her despite all of her serious protests. It's been about a year now. Things are better, but still not perfect.


Back in the early 2000's, my high school science teacher was miffed we couldn't do a blood type assignment he had designed. The district received word on what he had been planning and immediately shut it down. Apparently, another class had previously conducted a similar experiment and it did not end well. One of the students found out they were adopted, and the parents sued the district over the emotional trauma that it caused. 


My friend told me this story. A woman and her husband were having their first child, and it was my friend's first ever delivery (ob/gyn). When she got the baby out, she looked at it then looked at the parents and asked "Okay, which one of you has six fingers?" The mother broke down crying and yelling, "I'm sorry!" to the husband. Their neighbor apparently had six fingers.


Nurse: "So, your baby's blood type is A-" 

Wife: "Like me!" 

Nurse: "And daddy!"

Me: "No, I'm A+" 

Nurse: You must be mistaken, that combination isn't possible. 

Nurse: Uh, I'll leave you guys to it. 

Me: Pulls out phone and frantically Googles "baby Blood type combinations."

The nurse was wrong. 



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