That's The Same Person?! You Won't Believe These Transformations.

Looks can change drastically, even from something as simple as a haircut. These people shared photos of themselves before and after a big change in their lives - and you'll hardly recognize them! 

All of them were unhappy with the way they looked, so they decided to change it. If you're unhappy with how you look, then I hope their stories encourage and inspire you. 

I think I got less creepy over time.

I live a sad, strange life.


4 years between the photos. Used to really dislike how I looked but slowly and bit by bit I started to treat myself a lil nicer, didn't realize the difference till I saw it like this. 


From 17-20. Near the point of suicide and something clicked in my head one day.


(On right)

Age 13 to 20, glad it's behind me...

I was at the gym today and saw a guy from school who used to give me a hard time, he didn't even know who I was.


14 to 19th birthday. Grew up a little bit.


16-22, got a haircut, got braces and a new wardrobe!


13 and 30. They used to make fun of me for coding. Now I get paid for it!


(2 years difference) The lady at the DMV said "We don't normally allow a whole new license just because you don't like your photo... but I'll make an exception."


12 to 22. Middle school was rough. That picture in particular was probably at my most awkward stage where my body was like "oh, I guess I need to become an adult now....But let's just take it nice and slow..." I started filling out a little better a year or two after. Still slow, though.


What 10 years of makeup, self-esteem, and effort can do to 2 ugly twins.


16 to 24... I still dress like a boy on most days...


From sundaes to runways; I grew up quite a bit from 17 to 21.


When only your ears look the same! 9 to 21

I was blonde 80% of my life, but I can't see myself ever going back, I love the dark too much.


I think I was 13 here, looking like a world weary mom in her 30's.

This was taken about a year ago for graduation. I like to think my style improved.

I had a lot of different looks as a child. Unfortunately they were all terrible.


Age 14 and 21, so glad...

I have some great stories of running into high school folks in the post-high school scene.


The difference three years can make (2011-2014).


16 to 19

Accutane gave me six months of hell, then a cleared up face.


I was made fun of for being ugly/looking like a boy when I was younger, & I hated myself. I feel a lot better now (Me at 10 and at 18).

I started dressing myself a year after this and stopped wearing the clothes my dad would have me wear, which is a point where I kind of 'figured out' I had control over my appearance. I've actually recently started being a lot more confident when my cousin's friends (I don't have friends, lol) started complimenting me on traits I hated about myself.

However, because I was bullied a lot (like literally around the time this photo was taken, I was harassed on a train because my passport said female and I looked like a boy, so they were really offended by that I guess?) I have bad social anxiety. I feel like bullying took that from me because before I went to school, I remember being super annoyingly talkative at baby sitters, and playing with everyone.



14 would have been 2004; definitely a strange time for fashion.


Why my mom thought this haircut would be cute is honestly beyond me.

I remember going to a restaurant on the day that photo was taken and the waitress calling me "young man"! So awful.

The braces made a world of difference in my smile!

12 to 20. Still have no idea how this happened.


Age 11. Why did my dad choose these glasses for me? WHY?

At age 19, I was feeling a LOT more confident. Basically, I discovered makeup, hair straightening and had some moles removed, but the most important thing was smiling :)


Early 20's to yesterday at 30.

I've been blessed with great self-esteem and confidence my whole life. Even when I was really big and looked terrible I always had confidence. I'm not sure how or why but I got very lucky with that.

I will say that cutting my hair and dressing better made me getting pulled over by cops drop drastically. I used to get pulled over all the time and now maybe twice in the last few years. I also don't get followed around stores by employees anymore so that's cool.

The one big downside was I used to never get approached by random sales people at malls, public events etc. now I get approached like everyone else.

I also have no insight on women's reactions towards me as far as the dating world goes as I started dating my now wife at the very beginning of my upswing.


I don't even look like the same person anymore. 17-22.


11-21... my dad used to call me ugly Betty, and I took it as a compliment.


From the first year of high school to the last year! Thank goodness Shamoo is no longer my nickname.


10 years cancer free! 12 to 22... in the midst of death, to my wedding day.


I'd like to think the past 9 years have been kind to me. 15/24


From 18 to 23. Who knew a jawline would be hidden under all of that.



Whoops. That snip was just a hair too far....

Your first bad haircut probably made you want to die a little when you looked in the mirror. Imagine how the person cutting your hair must have felt. Although, maybe they didn't care at all, as evidenced by the bs excuse they gave you when you finished in the barber chair.

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