Worst Wedding Stories, Recounted By Bridesmaids

Just because it's a big day, doesn't mean it'll be a great day. These anonymous Bridesmaids, Brides and Brides-to-Be from Whisper and Reddit shared their absolute worst wedding day woes.

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I'll be walking the woman I've loved for 13 years up the aisle next year... as her bridesmaid.

I have five weeks to lose 10lbs to fit my butt in my bridesmaid dress. The one that fit perfectly two months ago. 

I'm a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding in December. My secret? I've slept with her future husband. I can't tell her because it would ruin too many relationships, including my marriage. The guilt is heavy.

My bridezilla originally wanted to keep the wedding party budget to under $200 and would help out those who couldn't afford it. She wanted all her friends there no matter what. She had dealt with bridezillas before and didn't want to be like that.

Two years later she forbid anyone from getting pregnant, almost kicked out a friend she'd already picked because of her tattoos that she already had before she asked her (because they were going to ruin the pictures). She tripled her budget then kicked me out for saying I couldn't afford it and proceeded to go around to all our friends and say how bad of a friend I was for not saving for her wedding (I could barely afford food at the time). She also fired her fiancs best man for ...

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She also fired her fiancs best man for not being good enough while defending her Maid of Honor who treated everyone like crap and screwed up half the stuff she was in charge of.

I ended up being in the wedding anyway. Her dad called me to say he'd pay for me because he knew she had lost her mind and would regret not having me. I was upset I agreed after I found out she was trashing me but I stuck it out.

Somewhat happy and funny ending. The day after her wedding I was officially out of the first trimester of my third pregnancy and announced it. She was hurt I never told her.


My best friend married the guy that I really loved. I was asked to be a bridesmaid and it was the hardest thing I've ever done.

I accidentally texted my bridesmaid instead of my fianc, complaining about her and saying how I wish I had never asked her to be in the wedding. The wedding was in 20 days.

I lunged for a bouquet and tripped when I was a bridesmaid. A groomsmen caught me. It was SO embarrassing. But, there's a silver lining...we're getting married today.

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I am donating plasma twice a week for the next 6 months, to afford being a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. Don't have money but love her that much.

I've only been a bridesmaid once. I was the Maid of Honor at my sisters wedding. The hardest thing was that she let me pick my own dress which was cool, but she had so many rules. It had to be a midi dress, it had to have a high neckline, it couldn't have sleeves thicker than spaghetti straps but it couldn't be strapless, it had to have a lace or mesh overlay, it had to have a bow, it couldn't flare out at the waist but it couldn't be tight... she should've just picked out my dress in the end. I ended up buying a dress that I would never wear again after searching for 3 months. I'm 5' tall so finding long dresses is hard enough as it is. 

She loved it, at least.



I'm the first to get married of my closest friends. All 5 were my bridesmaids. Now that it's their turn, none of them have asked me to be theirs.

My friend is getting married and our friendship has changed so much. I feel bad being a bridesmaid because I don't like her anymore.


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I just told my best friend I can't be her bridesmaid at her wedding anymore, because I can't afford it. It's the truth, but I still feel awful.

I was a bridesmaid for my friend, which was awkward since her fianc was originally into me.

I'm a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding coming up. She's being such a bridezilla that I will probably stop talking to her after the wedding.

The worst wedding I was ever a part of wasn't the Bride so much as the mother of the groom. She was an overbearing witch and the bride didn't have the spine to stand up to her.

My boyfriend and I were barely making ends meet and she demanded that all the groomsman had to rent tuxes bc "suits were trashy". So we had to spend $300 for a stupid tux rental.

And do you know what the bridesmaids got to wear? A black dress. That was the only stipulation for us. And our hair had to be down. But oh no, the men have to be in $300 tuxes. It was so bizarre.

She just kept demanding things and the bride kept caving. Mother of the Groom didn't even offer to pay for any of the things she demanded, just expected them to be done.

The bride's Maid of Honor was also a spoiled princess (only sister of the groom, she's the golden child who could do no wrong. MOG tried to make it about her daughter). It was just so gross she kept...

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She kept trying to make her son's wedding all about her children. Like edging out the bride and putting her children in the spot light.

Maid of Honor kept flaking on all her duties, so as the only other bridesmaid that lived close, I stepped up and did it all. Helped set up, helped tear down. The chocolate fountain broke and I took that thing apart and rebuilt it to get it working (surprise talent!). Stayed up late with her getting together her gifts and stuff. The whole 9 yards.

Never even got a thank you.


I want to tell my friend that marrying her fianc is a mistake. The wedding is in a month and I'm a bridesmaid. All of her family and friends feel like I do, but no one is speaking up.

I felt more beautiful as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding than I did as the bride at my own wedding.

I'm terrified that my bridesmaids will look prettier than I do on my wedding day. I know that's shallow but they are just stunning...

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Sometimes I want to take down my wedding photos because I hate all my bridesmaids now

I was a bridesmaid years ago for a childhood friend and she made us pay for our hair and nails, along with our dresses and shoes. I was livid because, in my mind, if the bride is requiring a French manicure and certain up-do, should pay for it. I'm not talented at all when it comes to hair and nails, so of course I had to pay to have it all professionally done, which she failed to mention we were each paying for until the day of the wedding. I'm cool with paying for the dress, shoes, and contributing to the bachelorette, but any extras? No, that should be on the bride or, at least, talk to us about it first. Plus, I had just graduated college and was on a tight budget.

Also, I felt bad for the Maid of Honor during the bridal shower. She worked sooooo hard to make it perfect, have it be a girls-only day (that was made clear in the invites), but the bride showed up with her fiance and hardly paid attention to anyone but him. You're marrying the guy! Leave him at home for an afternoon and spend time with the women close to you! Sheesh...



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