Drop and give me 20!!!

Being in the army, or any branch of service for that matter, doesn't look like much fun. Not that it's suppose to be a rip roaring good time, but it seems to have that bit of extra stress when it comes to being an officer. The officers above others make no qualms about being hardcore in bootcamp and constant training. Drill sergeants will tell you service is war, on and off the field. However once and awhile there are a few moments of levity. The new recruits are gonna fall down while learning and that can be a little funny. Can't it?

Redditor u/GluxDope really wanted to get a good chuckle by asking.... Drill Instructors/Drill Sergeants of Reddit, what's the funniest thing you've seen a recruit do that you couldn't laugh at?

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Light a fire under her!

Redditor dangerz0n3_ has a relationship issue we ALL have experience with... the 'tardy' significant other! Time is money, don't waste it. He reached out to Reddit to express concern and for some advice... Me [33 M] with my fiancè [34 F], always make me wait & late.

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