Sometimes we jump into things that we don't fully understand. This pertains to many different crossroads of life. We don't always know where we'll end up, but sometimes hindsight is truly always 20/20.

u/dumbuffoon asked: Military members of reddit, what's one thing you wish that you knew before joining?

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History isn't boring, our textbooks just leave out all the fun stuff.

History as taught by textbooks SUCKS. But think about it, you're fully aware that awesome and hilarious stuff is happening every day. That's nothing new. History is full of characters that, if they existed today, would have the biggest Twitter following and at least 3 reality shows.

Take La Mapin, for example. She was a cross-dressing, sword-fighting, opera singer who killed at least ten men in duels and snuck into convents to hook up with the nuns. Yeah, we'd have read the HELL out of the French Revolution chapter in our history textbooks if it included that info!

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