It only takes a handful of words....

It only takes a moment, a hand full of words and the intent, whether it be malicious or innocent.... we hurt one another on the daily. Words hurt and they can change the course of a life in an instant. We have to be responsible with our actions, they matter more than we realize.

Redditor u/BlueSJ999 wanted to hear about how some people's days were turned upside down in a simple manner by asking.... When did someone ruin your day in a single sentence?

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Maybe teachers should be able to accept tips.

Money changes everything. That is what Cyndi Lauper sings... but why are parents not teaching children to be smart and humble with money? If you have money it doesn't give you a free ride. And children bred with money need to learn... It doesn't change anything. Everybody isn't for sale.

Redditor u/martinkarolev wanted to discuss the behavior of today's "kids," by asking.... What is the craziest encounter of 'rich kid syndrome' that you have experienced?

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