Minimum wage is often paid by some of the most physically and emotionally intensive work—service industry jobs. Having to work in a hot kitchen all day or deal with irate customers while being paid less than you need to survive is not exactly the best situation to be in.

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Say that again and it'll be the last thing you say!

There are just some words that when grouped together can set my blood aflame! When giving important life advice or trying to soothe the emotions of others or stressful situations, banal syllables are not the way. We should try to give more than just the menial "it'll be ok," or "life has a way of working out" rote responses. We all have go-to responses but often we need to find or hear something better.

Redditor u/ANDTurner1 wanted to hear what classic phrases we're all tired of hearing... What is a saying or phrase that pisses you off the instant you hear it?

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