Fame always come with a price!

Fame is a tricky, tricky mistress. It can be intoxicating and make you crave it; until it ruins you or until it does you right. And thanks to cable television and the internet anyone can be famous for literally anything and nothing all at once. Who knew being a "Meme" could garner you a fan club? What does one do with that sort of fame.

Redditor u/AnswersOddQuestions wanted to hear from those who are part of Meme fame by asking.... People who have had their pictures end up as memes. How has it affected your life?

I wanna be Memed!

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What did you say?

Kids are a shock on the daily. No matter how hard you plan on the daily about how you're rearing your kids, they will redirect the plan at every turn. And it's best to roll with it with it, with a smile. it's part of the surprise and the fun. You'll never to fully prepared... so just grab a glass of wine and some chocolate and hang on.

Redditor u/Luke-The-Bard wanted parents out there to divulge a few shocking parenting moments by asking.... Parents on Reddit, what are some questions your kid has asked that you could never have anticipated?

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