People having chance encounters with their favorite celebrities sounds like a plot to a B movie, but it really does happen. And would you believe it, stars tend to be just like the rest of us. Except they're famous for being amazing, and we're not.

jarold00d asked starstruck Redditors: Who's the most famous person you've talked to for more than 30 seconds?

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I'll love you forever!

Death is inevitable. We're all going to go through it. It's never easy. There is a thing about when certain famous people die though. Singers, actrs, writers... it can be heartbreaking.... more than the demise of a family member. Artists help define us. When they go... a piece of us, a piece of our past and present goes with them. And it can be life altering.

Redditor u/Ritzaficionado needed for all of us to share... What famous persons death affected you most and why?

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