Guys listen, my man is dumb. Not unintelligent - but straight out dumb. I had a thing for him for ages and he was completely oblivious. I was a singer in a band when we met and would sing the whole set straight to him every single time. Like not even slickly at him, like I would sometimes sit right on the edge of the stage, grab his face in my hands and sing directly to him and only him. I even kissed him from the stage once. He still didn't get it. HOW DID HE NOT GET IT!?!

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All around the world the same song...

We are all far more the same than we want to admit. Humans are humans, we all want the same things. We all have families that drive us nuts and we experience things in similar ways... if only we's embrace that fact. When you travel you the world you learn these small tidbits of life. Get out of your bubble. See other places and people.... just like you!

Redditor u/Dougdahead wanted everyone to share their travel tales by asking.... World travelers, what have you noticed about people all over that is pretty much the same no matter where you are?

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