That's it! I'm out!

Love is beautiful and a many splendored thing.... until it destroys you and it's over long after you should've realized it. We will accept and look away at too many things when it comes to matters of the heart. We have to be WOKE when in love. Often it's not love we're in, we're just obsessed with the comfort of the illusion and we choose to carry on wit the wrong person.

Redditor u/ValiantSoul_ needs everyone to let us all know what looks like the end of a relationship, so we don't repeat any bad behavior by asking.... What was the "last straw" that caused you to end your relationship with a significant other?

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I'll shop from home...

You know there is no such thing as a free deal in this world, especially when it comes to retail. One can only imagine what goes on in the backrooms of Target, Wal-Mart and the local Dollar Tree, and maybe it's best we don't know. If we did know we may never shop again, well that's an exaggeration but sometimes it is best to feign ignorance.

Redditor u/yo_gabby_gabby wanted to hear some secrets from retail employees by inquiring.... Ex-Big Box Store (Target, Walmart, Best Buy) Employees, what's some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens that the public doesn't know about?

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