Whoops. That snip was just a hair too far....

Your first bad haircut probably made you want to die a little when you looked in the mirror. Imagine how the person cutting your hair must have felt. Although, maybe they didn't care at all, as evidenced by the bs excuse they gave you when you finished in the barber chair.

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Snip, snip here... snip, snip there!

Laying hands on someone's hair can be a sacred experience. People search for years sometimes to find the absolute perfect stylist and hairdresser. It has got to be a nerve wracking job because often customers be crazy when it comes to their locks. w need to realize that everytime is not going to go as planned, so stylists have to be ready for some fallout. After al hairdressers are artists and art is often subjective.

Redditor u/5loki551 wanted to the hairdressers of the world to reach out and discuss.... Hairdressers of reddit. Do you notice when your clients are not happy with their hair but are still trying to be polite? What do feel in these moments?

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