Proud party of One!

Now yes, love is a wonderful thing. Finding your second half, your "other" to complete you is a beautiful thing. But if that hasn't been your journey thus far, don't feel bad. Being single, not alone, SINGLE is a very healthy choice. Sometimes love, or what we perceive as love can ruin you. We're all trained by society to believe that being single makes us unworthy and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Redditor u/05_16k wanted to here about the upside to the single life by asking.... Singles of Reddit, what do you like most about being single?

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How do I go on?

We constantly take for granted the fact that life is fleeting. We should savor every second and we rarely do... shame on us. Sure we all survive everyday to live another day, but then there are people who have miracles, where they survive events that are unthinkable. They make it through moments where you continue breathing that are improbable. And those souls are left often with a burden to bare.

Redditor jpAtmosphere wanted to hear from life's survivors about some of their greatest challenges by asking....

People who have survived events in which others were killed, how has your life changed since? Do you have survivor's remorse?

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