Oh you crazy kids....

Kids are always gonna be kids, no matter who they are, whether they are mere mortals or wizards of Potter World. Haven't you ever wondered what kind of sorted, sinful details J.K Rowling may have left out of the text? You know you have your own ideas. Hogwarts had magic and chaos running rampant, now throw in the emotional instability of tweens.

Redditor u/The_Dork-uh-Whale wanted all you Harry Potter heads to share some thoughts asking... What kind of teenage bull crap probably happened at Hogwarts that wasn't mentioned in the Harry Potter books?

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Clutch my pearls!

You never think it's going to happen to you. That is a naive belief in life that we seem to lead by. "I'm too young for that. Things like this don't happen to me. I'm immune to things like... that." Well think again. Anything and everything is possible. Everything from a hangnail, to heartbreak, disease and murder. And other fantastic things like winning the lotto. (Don't want to be completely morbid) We often find ourselves in a numbed disbelief because we thought life was incapable of shocking us. Oh how we are wrong! Life is coming for ALL of us, no matter what.

Redditor u/Thicc1324 wanted to hear from everyone to discuss.... What was your "I cant believe this is happening right now" moment of your life?

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