School is out... FOREVER!

High school is a strange time for everyone. Nobody is getting out of those four years (well four years for most, sometimes a couple more for a few) unscathed. That special time produces a lot of memories and fodder for life. You walk away from those halls with life defining moments, some great and some you'd rather forget or only discuss while consuming vodka. And it doesn't matter if you're student, teacher or parent.

For some odd reason Redditor u/darien0803 wanted us all to take a stroll down memory lane by asking.... Reddit, what's some of your cringiest high school stories?

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Ahh, threesomes... the roulette of monogamous relationships. You spin and take your turn never knowing if this is going to end in a fizzle, some fireworks, or a freakout. Spoiler alert: unless you're both experienced players, there's been a LOT of talk and clear boundaries drawn, or both - it's pretty likely to end in freakout. Bummer, cause fireworks fam. Fireworks.

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