You can't handle the truth!!

Just because one may know every episode of Law & Order: SVU, or is a Dateline NBS aficionado, doesn't mean one should think they know anything about the law. And it certainly doesn't mean one should represent themselves in court.

Redditor u/bigfoot1291 wanted to hear from the "sort of" legal eagles out there by asking.... Lawyers of reddit, what's the most laughable "I am not a lawyer, but..." claim you've ever read

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The defense rests.

The law can be very dramatic. Courtroom fighting has turned into some of our best reality shows... thank you OJ.... and lawyers are basically the Meryl Streeps of the courtroom drama. When a lawyer finishes their argument to hand off to the jury, it's a great moment.

Reddior u/NotGonnaRage wanted lawyers to speak up about the drama by asking.... Lawyers of Reddit, what's your best most badass "I rest my case" moment?

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