This is parenting? I'll rather a dog!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, feels more like you need the world. Child rearing is one of the most rewarding yet difficult journeys in life. It's amazing parents male it through.

Redditor u/CatoPUA wanted the parents out there to discuss a few fun facts by asking.... Parents of Reddit, what were you not prepared for when raising a child?

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Lazarus is that you?!!

Life is full of surprises. One of the greatest can be seeing someone resurrect from the great beyond. That's usually a fantastic soap opera trope but it can happen. Also the things we all can survive, witnessed by those in medicine, is astonishing. The human body and spirit can be miraculous.

Redditor u/I_am-toast wanted to hear from medical professionals out there about some miracles they've witnessed by asking.... Doctors, nurses, and EMTs of reddit. What is your best "How the hell are you not dead" moment?

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