Some people just need to make their own mistakes. No matter how many times they are warned, they don't take the advice they're given. In these situations, the most you can do is say "I told you so".

jmtang52 asked: What life lesson did you have the learn the "hard way"?

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Best advice is to follow advice.

We never want to the heed the warnings until we have no other choice, that is an issue with most of us. Its no fun to have to hear and try to follow advice. We all want to just be in tune and know it all already. So half the time we just ignore it until our lives have imploded. So why not just listen up?!

Redditor u/5000Castillo wanted to hear some pearls of wisdom they may have at first been overlooked by asking.... What felt like a useless piece of advice until you actually tried it?

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