Spoiler Alert: Bathrooms. Women (and guests in general) really appreciate it when your bathroom is clean, stocked with toilet paper, and has things like a trash can, soap and a hand towel. There. I just earned you 100 points with your friends, family, and that cutie you've been eyeballing lately. You're welcome.

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I can't tell you...

We all have have a few stories to tell. The things we've done when no one was watching could be the tales of infamy. We've all taken liberties here and cut corners there when we believe nobody is a witness. Some stories aren't our's to tell, we are often just the keepers. So much drama shrouded in the far remote corners of our brains. How do we do it?

Redditor u/RovverX1 wanted to discuss some things none of us may know... What has been a deep dark secret you have kept hidden?

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