Pay attention to the red flags! They are there!

Love is so grand and resplendent. We spend so much of our lives chasing it and we can become obsessed movies and literature that tell us where and how to find it. But rarely do realize that love is the most imperfect of emotions and that love stories take work in order to not derail. We have to be self aware enough to know that every relationship needs help. There are always signals along the way telling us when story is crumbling. Too often we opt not to pay attention.

Redditor u/TeamDodgy wanted know what signs will arise to warn that the love story is waning by asking.... What are signs a relationship is about to fail?

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Always lead with kindness. It's free.

In this time of darkness when the world seems lost and humanity's soul depleted it's always uplifting to hear stories about simple acts of kindness. Simple acts of kindness and smile can change the course of a person's life. Try it sometime.

Redditor u/Aurallius wanted to give us all a little hope in humanity by asking.... What's the nicest thing someone can do for you?

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