Let us tell you how to do this right....

Love is beautiful and amazing and can often.... be a brutal minefield. It's imperative to listen to those who go before us. Love is nothing like the movies, after the curtain falls, real life begins and love and marriage is something that is completely, imperfect.

Redditor u/gaygirl98 wanted to know what sage words those who have maneuvered the ups and downs and pratfalls of love can share by asking.....

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Ah, la amore. We want it so badly.

'Love' is the most common word found in contemporary song titles. It is this idea that has followed around humanity for literal millennia. Love is desired, it is needed, and sometimes, it is found.

And then sometimes you screw up royally in the name of love. In fact, because it feels so high stakes, you seem to do that pretty often. But fear not! You are not alone in your lovelorn pursuits.

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