What happend to doctor/patient confidentiality?

Therapy is sacred, and it's something we can all benefit from. So it's aggravating when people take advantage of the mental heath process. Those who can maneuver the system ruin it all. Some therapists must have some great stories about the people who have taken advantage.

Redditor.... Unknown wanted to hear from the mental health community by asking.... Therapists of reddit, what are have been the most manipulative things done by incredibly difficult patients?

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This is nothing like the movies!

Life is unpredictable and can take a turn at any second. It can be a sudden celebration or a dark, festering fate. We will all find ourselves in situations that leave our nerves on edge. Life is fleeting, be grateful, another second is never guaranteed. And that is scary.

Redditor u/Br0cc0li_B0i wanted everyone to share about the times when life took a darker turn by asking..... When have you been genuinely scared for you life?

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