We all have our moments. Some are just little slip-ups that can just be chalked up to word vomit. Other times, it can completely change the course of your life. No matter what, it's always good to think before you act.

bigred6601 asked: What is one moment when you realized you just f---ed up?

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You can't get a do-over so do life right!

Life is hard. And making mistakes is a given! We're gonna screw up, hell we ALL have already. We have screwed up in ways that can never be redeemed! But we learn to move forward. There are times you know you are witnessing true devastation in the making, and you should do all you can to save everyone involved, but that is normally implausible. So most of the time we are a witness to carnage. People are gonna do wha they're gonna do.

Redditor u/Nashahaito wanted to hear about the unfortunate moments in the lives of others by asking... What is the quickest way you've seen someone f**k their life up?

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