Professional models get used to seeing their face in unexpected places, but stock photo models are often amateurs. They may only appear in one set of photos and never think about it again—until they suddenly see themselves staring back from a billboard or magazine ad, or even a PSA.

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Money, money, money.... it's a rich man's world!

Who hasn't wanted to roll around naked in a bed of cold, hard cash? Like a bunch of bills that add up to millions? Or remember watching 'Scrooge McDuck' swim in his billions? That's adult porn right there. We didn't know it at 5 but touching THAT much money would soon become a dream. Sadly the times most of us hold that much treasure... it doesn't belong to us. But the feeling is still sexy. No?

Redditor u/BowlingShoeSalesman wanted to indulge in the stories of other's asking.... What's the largest amount of cash you've held in your hand and what's the story behind it?

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