Ladies... Listen Up!

Men, women, gender fluid... we all have secrets to tell. When in the search for the love we will ALL play any game, choose any pawn. Bros put on a good facade of "I'm not hiding anything," but that's a secret as well. If only we could unleash our secrets, and just be honest. Gentlemen... you first.

Redditor u/mustafarangoon52 wanted the men out there to fess on a few things.... What are some "guy secrets" girls don't know about?

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Oh we've ALL been "there!"

Once someone consumes that final "shouldn't have" drink, the truth shall be free! Alcohol let's down our guard and gives us the courage to speak all sorts of absolution and crazy. We all want to be honest but the everyday dry moments of life make it arduous; not that truth telling this way is a responsible or smart choice. Most of the time, when the truth is "outed" with vodka, it only leads to trouble and more chaos.

Redditor u/Kazoo_le_Kazoo asked for everyone to divulge some odd overheard conversations.... What's the most weird/terrifying confession you've heard from someone that was drunk?

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