Are we human because we feel pain? Or do we feel pain because we are human?

Believe it or not, human beings can deal with a massive amount of pain. And if you work a job where you're constantly being asked to put yourself in situations that will cause you minor amounts of pain daily, your pain threshold goes up. But sometimes it's just too overwhelming--those stories need to be shared as well.

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NOW you tell me?!?!

Now there is no absolutely "perfect" time and way to tell someone how you feel about them. When love springs, it springs. We can't control it. The soul will speak through the heart when it knows, often without warning. It's LOVE, bask in it's glow. With that being said.... there is a caveat, there are times when maybe you might want to try and hold off for a better moment. Like when they've caught you cheating.... that's maybe not the best moment.

Redditor u/undermydeathbed wanted to discuss a few important thoughts about timing.... When is the worst time to say "I love you"?

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