Lions and tigers and bears... OH HELL NO!!!

Hunting as a sport is a dangerous activity for so many reasons. Who knows what sly creatures await their human prey in the darkness of the wild. Sure you may have years of experience and be an expert marksman, doesn't mean you're not going to come across some creepy experiences amid the hunt. Camouflage isn't the most flattering of styles as it is.

Redditor u/CB-Nomad wanted some hunters out there to fess up to a few things asking.... Hunters of Reddit, what did you see out there that made you not want to go back into the woods?

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Being cheated on sucks. What a lot of people don't realize, though, is that it can suck for longer than just that moment, that incident, or even that relationship. Cheating can leave a lasting wound and sow the kinds of trust issues that follow us around for ages. One Reddit user was battling that insecurity from a past relationship when her current fiance started acting more distant. She said she was feeling "really insecure with his change in behavior" even though he gave a valid reason for it. She couldn't let the nagging feeling go, so she created fake profiles on popular dating sites to see if she could find him.

She did. So she turned to Reddit for help.

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