Hey Bro can I ask you something?

Gentlemen, why so bashful? How else are we to learn things in life if we aren't curious and refuse to ask questions? What is the point of best friends and bromances if you can't divulge secrets and discuss life? Men carry around unnecessary fear and it can be crippling. Have a beer, and chat away.

Redditor u/Geraltthegrey wanted all the guys out there to let loose and have a chat about what's on their minds by asking.... Men of Reddit, what questions have you always wanted to ask other men?

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School is out... FOREVER!

High school is a strange time for everyone. Nobody is getting out of those four years (well four years for most, sometimes a couple more for a few) unscathed. That special time produces a lot of memories and fodder for life. You walk away from those halls with life defining moments, some great and some you'd rather forget or only discuss while consuming vodka. And it doesn't matter if you're student, teacher or parent.

For some odd reason Redditor u/darien0803 wanted us all to take a stroll down memory lane by asking.... Reddit, what's some of your cringiest high school stories?

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