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Racism is an insidious, and unfortunately prevalent, force in all of our daily lives. Maybe we're on the receiving end of it, being treated differently and losing opportunities because of others' preconceived notions.

Or maybe we're on the other side of things. Even those who aren't actively racist or discriminatory still have to process the world through the filters of the things they've been told about people who are different.

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Hatred is taught!

Racism is alive and prevalent. We know this for a fact. It may be 2019 but hatred lives and breeds. So many people of marginalized groups are being targeted. Racism is hatred and hatred is taught. And one's first experience with racism is never forgotten. It's a forever imprint.

Redditor u/Limosc wanted to hear from people out there about some rough times by asking.... When was the first time you had experienced racism?

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