All the kids are from 'The Shining.'

Having children is quite a journey. So many things are unpredictable, that's a given. But one of the things that you never expect is the surge of creepy and a little crazy. Nobody wants to live out scenes from 'Child's Play' with a kid as a substitute for Chucky but, some youngins maybe a little off their rocker. Also, kids pick up the strangest mixed messages. They may hear something from tv or at school and blurt it out as a creepy hybrid. In the end, it can't hurt to sleep with a little holy water under your pillow. Just ask Ellen Burstyn.

Redditor marleylovestrees wanted to be warned about some 'odd' children roaming around by asking.... What is the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you?

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Pull up your seats, folks. I'm about to take you on a magical journey of medical f*ckery the likes of which only Reddit could bring you.

Yeah, it's like that.

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