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Fear of going to the doctor can be built up in your mind. Perhaps they'll find something life threatening? Or maybe it's a monetary reason you avoid a visit, especially in America. It there's one thing we know about America it's we are the best at insurance...

Whatever the reason, and there are many, people refuse to go to the doctor no matter how bad the diagnosis could be.

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I never want to relive this moment!!

There are just some things we'll never be able to unsee, or times in life that we will never be able to fully shake off. Those jaw dropping, shudder inducing experiences change us and haunt us to the end. Our cores are scarred and often we think we'll just forget but your therapist will tell you.... our bodies never forgets. The chills that tingle the spine, the smell that reminds you, the sound that wakes you in the night, all aspects of the PTSD from those moments we witness something that scares us to the bone.

Redditor u/Whitetail-Hoyt wanted to hear some stories about those times that leave us shooketh to the core by asking.... People of Reddit, what has been the creepiest moment of your life so far?

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