This is nothing like the movies!

Life is unpredictable and can take a turn at any second. It can be a sudden celebration or a dark, festering fate. We will all find ourselves in situations that leave our nerves on edge. Life is fleeting, be grateful, another second is never guaranteed. And that is scary.

Redditor u/Br0cc0li_B0i wanted everyone to share about the times when life took a darker turn by asking..... When have you been genuinely scared for you life?

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There are just some places one should never park.

Being a truck driver has to be a lonely job. All those long nights and empty roads can play with everyone's mind. And when one journey's often, no matter how grand the scale they learn of the places one dare not venture.

Redditor u/Id_rather_be_eating wanted all the truckers out there to fess up to a few things by asking.... Truckers of Reddit, what's the most unsettling stretch of road in the US? Where do you refuse to pull over?

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