Lazarus is that you?!!

Life is full of surprises. One of the greatest can be seeing someone resurrect from the great beyond. That's usually a fantastic soap opera trope but it can happen. Also the things we all can survive, witnessed by those in medicine, is astonishing. The human body and spirit can be miraculous.

Redditor u/I_am-toast wanted to hear from medical professionals out there about some miracles they've witnessed by asking.... Doctors, nurses, and EMTs of reddit. What is your best "How the hell are you not dead" moment?

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How in the world?

Doctors see the darnedest things. Day in and day out they are faced with some of the craziest life has to offer. Any regular person wold be passed out on the floor and the injured would have to fend for themselves. Who would have thought that more than half of the shock we see on "Grey's Anatomy" can actually happen?!

Redditor u/Flo2411WWE wanted the doctors out there to give us a good shock by asking.... Doctors of reddit, what patient made you scream "how is this even possible..."?

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