Who let out you amongst the public?

We MUST stop turning a blind eye to toxic people and the coarse behavior they spread about. People will act certain ways and do certain things that effect us all negatively only if we allow them to do it. After a long enough period of time this sort of conduct often becomes the norm because of the silence of others. Grant it, such shenanigans can make you a President but, that does make it right.

Redditor u/VirusMaster3073 wanted to see what glaring behaviors we seem to allow today by asking... What toxic behavior has been normalized by society?

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I can't believe it! I'm a genius!

Everyday in life, heck in breath in life can lead us to moments of shock and awe, especially when in comes to moments of chance or capabilities we thought we'd never possess. Much like Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' we too can make fire, often we only just have to try. Sometimes the surprising successes come in tiny instances that make us smile or life changing events that keep us shooketh! The shooketh moments are the most fun. We all yearn for the stunned realization of "I have NO idea how I did that, but I'll take the credit and run!" Those are the moments that make us... invincible.

Redditor u/Nest-egg wanted everyone to regale us with.... What's your top "wow, that actually worked?" moment?

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