Rebels Without A Cause: People Share Rules They Did Not Care To Follow As A Kid.

There is just an allure to not following the rules. Even more so as a kid. And I'm sure adults are aware of this. If you make it a point to tell me not to do something, most of the time we'll (me being a big kid) make it our mission to do so. Rebels without a cause worldwide...unite.

The following AskRedditors responded to the question, "What rule as a kid did you simply not give a crap about?" 

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I played my Gameboy Advanced under the covers after bed time, I got caught too many times to count but dammit I wanted to play Kirby. Nightmare in Dreamland best game, hands down.


Detention. Forget that.

I skipped a lot of classes, and every time I skipped, they gave a detention. If you skipped detention, you got 2. Eventually, you were supposed to get an in-school suspension (which is why I never went to detention: why the heck would I stay after if you'll just eventually give me a day out of classes?), but they never actually did give me in-school.

When I went to graduate, I had 1507 hours of unserved detention, and the record still stands.


Make your bed after you get up in the morning - as a matter-of-fact, I still don't do this as an adult.


In middle school, the administration tried to enforce assigned seating by the class during lunch time. It didn't even last a week.


Forget that. That's perfectly good food that my classmates and I were trading of our own free will, which would've been thrown away. If I want strawberries and Sally has them but I have peaches, and Sally wants them peaches, why the heck shouldn't we trade? Otherwise, they're both gonna get trashed and we both go hungry. That doesn't make any sense. 


"You have to bring enough candy to share with everyone."

that rule is just so teachers don't want to deal with drama. I'll eat my noms in private, you jerks. 


My friend in 6th grade got beat up because the other kid "wanted to beat someone up." Both got suspended, even though my buddy didn't even throw a punch. When I asked the adults why all I got was a "we are a zero tolerance school" crap excuse.


The following week when they both returned my buddies and I jump the other kid and we all get suspended. Yelling at the adults that he has to get suspended too because of "The Zero Tolerance Rule."

A lot of pissed off parents were going to be at a school meeting at the end of the year, but my family moved away before then. Don't know what happened.


"Stay in the neighborhood"/"Stay where your friend's parents can still see you."

When I got a bike at like age 11, I literally rode miles away. I don't think my parents had any concept of just how recklessly far away I would go, with no means of contacting them whatsoever, to areas that in retrospect were sketchy/risky as hell.


Tucking in my shirt. I'd pull it out as soon as my parents' backs were turned.


When I was little people tried to force me to write with my right hand, I'm naturally left handed.

I was a goodie two shoes as a kid and almost never broke any rules but I gave no cares about that rule and just kept getting in trouble for writing left handed.


Bed times. My parents had to install a lock on the outside of my door because I straight up would not stay in there.


Anything that had the reason "Because I said so."

If an elder did not respect me enough to give me an actual reason - then I did not respect them enough to care for what they wanted.


Being told not to sell sweets in school. I had more money then than I do now.


I'm a girl. When I was about 7-8 years old, my dad wouldn't let me play with boys around my neighborhood. I loved playing with the boys because they were more adventurous than the girls on my block. The girls usually stayed in their houses and played with dolls, they weren't allowed to play outside because their parents were afraid they would fall down or hurt themselves. 

Me? I wanted to run around and play outdoor games. But I sneaked out and played with the boys anyway and we all had fun every single time! Until one day my dad caught me and he bought me a bunch of different Barbie dolls to play with so I would stay home.


I'll give you one of mine:

Dinner hall monitors used to say "you've got to eat your sandwiches first. If you don't you have to stay behind, and you miss playtime". Piss off with your empty threats, I'll eat my Monster Munch first.


My parents would always try to implement rules about tidying our rooms, sometimes tied to taking our video games or whatever. Realized they almost never enforced it so eventually just ignored the rules. Now I'm a slob and the house usually looks like crap so oh well.


No reading during class. I'm easily bored, if I'm bored, I'll read. At least, I'm not disrupting the class.

 I still act accordingly with my students now. They're allowed to not listen, they aren't allowed to disturb those who need my class.


My brother and I weren't allowed to invite girlfriends into our rooms (with the door shut) when our parents were not around.

We did it anyway.


In middle school, we weren't allowed to drink water in class. I had just moved there so I didn't know. When I took out my water bottle the teacher said: "well Crimson_Kingh, do you have enough to share with everyone?" It was the stupidest damn rule, so I just kept drinking when she wasn't looking. It was a rough area, and I've heard of kids sneaking alcohol in water bottles so maybe that's why.


Walking on the right side of the hallway in elementary school with one hand on my hip and the other on my lips. That was just ridiculous.


My earliest act of "defiance" was in pre-school, learning how to write. I formed all my letters backward. They ended up perfect, but I'd start from the end first. I would always get in trouble, and I didn't understand why, if the result was perfect.


My mom did not want me to use a dinner knife to push food onto my fork. According to her, the 'proper' way to eat was to either scoop food onto the fork or turn the fork upside-down and then use the knife. I always told her that her way was ridiculous and illogical and I always used the knife my way.



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