Remorseful People Reveal The Time They Were Accidentally The Worst Person In The World.

We would a like to forget the times where we were a total jerk, but what if it happened to be by accident? then we can;yt really hold it against ourselves, although the cringe is still so real.

Here are twenty-nine people sharing a time they were accidentally the worst person in the world.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/29. Female flatmate: "You'll never guess what I got from my (personal) trainer today!"

Me: "Syphilis?"

I don't know why I said it and the look of rage on her face still haunts me almost 10 years on.


2/29. I once said to a girl 'I'm gonna punch you straight in the ovaries' just for a laugh, it was a line id heard in a film.... Unbeknownst to me, she had had her ovaries removed due to ovarian cancer.


3/29. I work as a bagger in a grocery store. After finishing bagging a very old woman's order, I told her to rest in peace instead of have a goodnight.

I have no idea why, either...She was furious.


4/29. We went to the movies and the lady that takes your ticket and rips it in half did it very swiftly with just one hand, so I say "wow, impressive one-handed skills!" and walk away. When we were at a safe distance, husband tells me I failed to notice she only had one arm. :(


5/29. I was in my algebra one class in high school when I messed up. This black haired girl and I used to joke around a lot. There was a stack of books in the back of the class that we used everyday. I saw her pick up a book and decided to yank it out of her hands.


I walked over, snatched the book with some force, and said something to the effect of "this is mine now!"

I went back to my desk and started doing my work before I realized that I had mistaken a different girl for my friend. If that wasn't bad enough, she was the Chinese exchange student who spoke exactly zero English. She was pretty scared of me after that.


6/29. My roommate and I were hosting a party and invited friends. They brought some new people who we hadn't met before and I was making introductions in the kitchen and pouring drinks.

I asked a girl where she was from and she replied: "New New York." I guess I was just nervous so I made a dumb joke. "What is that like Newer than New York?" She told me that she had a slight stutter so I apologized and felt like a big jerk.


7/29. "Excuse me, madam?


"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I thought you were a woman"

"I am a woman"


8/29. My friends (dating at the time) told me they got pregnant.

I was all "I'm so sorry! I've got a rainy day fund if you guys need some money or something, I can drive her there if you need me to."

They got pregnant on purpose.



9/29. I was telling my fiance that my aunt refused to go to Red Robin because they didn't have a smoking section. He said "Bet she's not going anywhere now huh?" She's been dead for 5 years.

He actually meant because everything is non smoking now.


10/29. I was joking around with a man I had become somewhat friends with through him using my company.

We were joking around lightly when he stopped in my office. I wasn't entirely sure why he was in that day but people stop in to see me pretty frequently. He picked on me with some casual comment about needing to get my hair cut.

I dismissed it by saying "It doesn't matter, end of the day I go home to my wife and she still loves me."

His face soured briefly. He thanked us for our time and then he left. Right after he walked out the door my mind clicked.


He was picking up some insurance paperwork from my office due to our having held his wife's funeral about 3 months prior.

I was the funeral director who handled that case.

I no longer joke around about family relationships with anyone.


11/29. This happened just a few days ago. I walked into a public restroom and a guy had just finished peeing. I absentmindedly held the door open for him not considering that he would/should wash his hands. He hesitated for a bit and reluctantly walked towards the exit.

I then realized that he may have wanted to wash his hands so I again, absentmindedly exclaim, "are you going to wash your hands?" He is obviously embarrassed and makes his way back towards the sink. Needless to say I felt like a jerk.


12/29. Freshman year. Biology. Desperate to make friends. Walked past this girl on the way to get equipment. It looks like she's doing that thing where you put your hand up in your sleeve to make it look like your arm cuts off at the elbow. I point at it and say, "Ha, that's funny."

Her arm ended at the elbow.


13/29. I wasn't the jerk, my sister was.

Last week my cousin had died so my entire family came down to the south to attend the funeral. This took a 13 hour drive, and upon arriving to my Aunt and Uncles house my sister loudly proclaimed:


My cousin died in a car accident.


14/29. My car's horn had a short in it which would cause it to honk when I hit the turn signal. Stopped at a stop sign and gestured to an old lady to cross in front of me. When she got to the middle of my car I signalled to turn left forgetting the short. If looks could kill...


15/29. I went on the bus, pregnant woman comes in after me, can't pay the fare, bus driver is being a dick won't let her on, so I step up and I'm all well it's okay I'll pay for you.


I won't let a pregnant woman walk, and I glare at the bus driver; woman says "I'm not pregnant."


16/29. Background: my grandmother is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and does everything in her power to avoid hurting or offending others. She also absolutely LOVES dogs.

Sometime in the 80's, she had a small chocolate brown terrier named Brownie. Well one day this thing goes missing. She decides to call out its name from her front porch in the hopes that it was still in the neighborhood. So she's standing there in front of her house calling out "Brownie! Brownie!" a black man walks by.


17/29. I went pee in a disabled stall. When I walked out, there was a girl in a wheelchair waiting to use the stall. I felt incredibly uncomfortable/guilty, yet out of some automatic uncontrollable reaction, I laughed in her face.


18/29. Heard about a new co-worker that had a nub for a right hand. When I met her, without thinking, I put my hand out to shake her....well...nub. She put her nub in my hand, I shook it, and I've respected the heck out of her ever since.


19/29. Saw an old friend I hadn't even heard from in years, commented that she was still 'skinny as a toothpick' like when we were younger. Turns out she had been in rehab for bulimia.


20/29. I went through this awful phase when I was a freshman in college where I was super depressed and super dependent on my boyfriend's company (we'll call him Mike) in order to feel validated.

Over winter break, Mike's grandfather started declining in health, and his mother kept asking him to come home to spend time with him and the family instead of staying at my house all of the time. Being really insecure and in my head, I was incredibly selfish and pleaded with him to stay at my place. He didn't want to make me upset, so he stayed.


His grandfather died while he was with me, Mike never got to say goodbye, nor was he with his family when the news was delivered. I have never forgiven myself for that, especially since removing my head from my own butt and realizing how much family matters. The relationship didn't end well and we don't speak anymore, but I wish I could go back and apologize to him and his family.


21/29. My teacher in 8th grade talked about the frail state of her father occasionally in class. She one day came into class crying, I assuming her dad died, I leaned over to a friend and said "I think her dad died." My friend leaned back to me and said "no, my dad died yesterday and he was good friends with her." I have never felt so terrible in my life, probably the last thing she wanted to think about and I reminded her unknowingly.


22/29. At a mardi gras party this woman, (she was the daughter of a good friend of my in laws and had very recently been released from prison) found the baby in the King cake and was kind of upset about it. I said something along the lines of "haha not in the market for a baby, huh?" Everyone got super awkward and she left the room.

She had been in prison for drowning her baby.


23/29. Apparently, I unknowingly "stole" not one, not two, but three separate guys from the same girl during uni.


24/29. First week at college. Drunk outside my dorm room with my new friends I just made. Grabs lacrosse stick out of some kids hands with a ball in it. Pretend to throw it and since I've never touched a lacrosse stick before the ball flew out of the net. Hit the kid right in the balls in front of everyone. Sorry again Joe.


25/29. Women really don't take kindly to you incorrectly believing them to be pregnant.


26/29. I was getting groceries, unfortunately the only way I had to pay was a check so I already felt like a dick for wasting everyone's time. Then the paper bag handle rips and the clerk asks me if I want it re-bagged, since I need to carry it a ways I just say yes/thanks and apologize to the guy behind me for taking so long.


As I am walking away I overhear the guy say to the clerk "Don't listen to that guy, you're doing just fine". That's when I realize all I said to the guy was "Sorry about this" and he thought I meant "sorry the clerk is an idiot" and not "sorry I am taking longer than I normally would"...


27/29. When I was in 6th grade, there was girl who was mean to me. She later shaved her head and wore a bandanna to school. I don't remember what happened but she made me really mad and I yanked off her bandanna.

She was of course very upset and started crying. I had no idea what cancer was other than something I heard in passing. Needless to say, I learned about cancer from the principal and her mother that day. I still feel like a jerk. Though, she was the mean one but still.


28/29. Driving - Trying to switch lanes - Woman won't let me in - Stop at stoplight - Rage out big time yelling at her and giving the finger - get home - signal light not working..


29/29. Was young, found out I had BO that smells like ground beef. Friend's mom made tacos one night, told her the kitchen smelled like my armpits.


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