Teachers Share The Most Disrespectful Thing A Student Did In Their Class.

1. I'm a teacher and one of my coworkers was 80 years old. Him and his wife had an adorable relationship and everyone knew it. They were highschool sweethearts, two kids, and he always talked about her. Every morning his wife dropped him off. And he was always free to help students and cheer them up. But one day he drove to school by himself. And we all knew. He told us she passed away on Sunday, and I swear to God this one kid actually said: ""Eh she was old anyways". Never wanted to hit a kid so much in my life. That was three years ago, he is still teaching.


2. There was a fist fight in the cafeteria, and after the principal broke it up, the kid he was restraining screamed "I'M GLAD YOUR WIFE DIED ON 9/11!" Principal turned red and walked out, student was expelled.


3. I used to be a high school English teacher. Last year I was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss, and now I wear hearing aids. My loss is high frequency, so my devices are designed to amplify those sounds. This can be painful if the sounds are too sharp. Some of my students downloaded high frequency resonator apps and would play them while I tried to teach.


4. One time I had a teacher who had an eye patch one time. I had just gotten back from a bad wreck after 3 months off and had gained some weight. he offered me a piece of chocolate and I jokingly said "no thanks, I'm trying to watch my figure" and he said "that's a lot to watch"

I said "too bad you can't see all of it"


5. When I was student teaching, a senior thought it would be funny to go rip the wig off of a teacher who was going through chemo at the time. What he didn't expect was the other teacher standing nearby to run up and actually (Continued)

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What he didn't expect was the other teacher standing nearby to run up and actually punch the kid in the face. Surprisingly, the teacher did not get in trouble.


6. When I was a TA, I had the basketball team's starting center and point guard in my class in consecutive quarters. I failed them both, which made me Public Enemy #1 for a time.

The point guard was a pleasant enough guy, but every paper he turned in was clearly plagiarized. The prompt would be something like "compare and contrast two hobbies," and he'd turn in some pristine essay about capital punishment. Every single time. I would give him a zero and ask him to rewrite it, and he never did. The center, meanwhile, oozed disdain for me and the class. He technically failed by having too many absences (department policy). When he did attend, he'd show up late, slamming the door as though to announce himself. He'd read the newspaper while I lectured. And I don't mean it was subtly folded on his desk. He would hold the thing in front of him with two hands, like a dad in a comic strip, loudly turning pages. I told him to knock it off. He refused. I kicked him out of my class, and then I spent the next two weeks defending myself from nasty attacks from his parents and coaches.


7. Not a teacher, but probably the most disrespectful thing I've ever witnessed in a classroom. One of my classmates was arguing with our teacher, they were going back and forth for a while. The teacher was visibly getting upset, turning red, etc. She ended up threatening to send the student to the principal which coincidentally is the kids dad. He looks her in the eye and says, "Mrs. Teacher, I literally don't care what you say or what you tell me to do. I just don't care and I will not do it." Teacher backed down and started crying at her desk. Pretty awkward class the rest of the year.


8. When I was in high school there was this kid who was the class clown, but in a bad way. He was the jokester of the class, but he was also a bully, never did any work, and distracted everyone. He was also very bright.

My science teacher tried so hard to get through to him. He'd tell him he believed in him, knew he had it in him to do well, but it never worked. The kid just laughed in his face every time he tried to help.

At the end of high school he'd flunked his exams so many times he wasn't even allowed to take it again unless he paid for it. My science teacher still believed in him, and said he knew he could pass it if he just tried one more time, and he even offered to... (Continued)

My science teacher still believed in him, and said he knew he could pass it if he just tried one more time, and he even offered to pay.

The kid accepted, said he was disappointed in himself, he needed to pass to get into college and his mother would never afford it. He said he'd study this time and sit the test.

Teacher paid. The kid didn't even show up for it and afterwards I saw him laughing about how stupid the teacher was for giving him another chance.


9. Not a teacher, but once a friend of mine got in an pretty heated argument about something stupid with the teacher in our world history class and eventually he just got up, walked over to the front of the classroom, and necked the teacher (slapped the back of their neck as hard as he possibly could) He got suspended.


10. Not a teacher but my brother is, and he's told me many stories.

I'd say the girl that was struggling even to pass his English class, and by struggling I mean not trying, but somehow managing with a hard D.

Anyway, she wasn't understanding a book they were reading, I think it was Hamlet at the time, so he lended her his personal copy, with his personal notes, and it was some special version with plain English text as well ... she doodled on it, on every, single, page of it.

That was the most disrespectful thing he's told me about.

Worse stuff has happened, but that's the most disrespectful.


11. When I was a senior in high school, I was in this physics class filled with the future staff of McDonald's.

This one day we had a substitute teacher who might as well have walked directly out of a playboy. She just wanted to teach us man.

The future head fry cook of our class took such a liking to her, and such offense when she turned him down and tried to dicipline the class, that he paraded across the top of all of our desks screaming vulgarity until she (Continued)

Across the top of all of our desks screaming vulgarity until she cried. We tried to stop him, we really did but he was just such a piece of crap.

Not that it make things right, but the rest of the class and I managed to get him expelled for with our testimonies from that day.

Another time when I was in high school, I saw some kids push a pregnant teacher down a flight of stairs. I never found out what happened to her, but those kids got expelled too.


12. I was a senior and was placed in a freshman computer class for some reason. Those freshman didn't even care what the teacher had to say or anything he was trying to teach. Literally the whole class everyday would just talk to each other or play games on the computer. One day the teacher broke down and started crying saying no one respected the teacher and then quit. Few years later I heard the teacher had passed away

I was the only one in the class that paid attention to what was being said and showed. The teacher clearly just loved teaching and wanted to teach.


13. A typical architecture design classroom looks something like this. When I was a TA I politely asked the closest student to the blackboard to erase it, he replied "would you like fries with that?" I just told him "you're going to say that many, many times."


14. The popular kids in my class gave my 8th grade teacher a bag of potatoes as graduation gift during the graduation ceremony. She was Irish.


15. Put his feet up on the trash can as I walked in front of him, purposefully tripping me in front of the whole class and breaking my nose. Administration refused to punish him but I threw him out of my class and refused to allow him back since wouldn't apologize.

Later that year, I was speaking to a very upset student in the hall during classes and he was walking the halls. He had some sort of tiny but heavy metal bearings that he threw at us....hitting me and the girl in the head. He ran, administration refused to chase him down or punish him (again).

Karma got him though: (Continued)

Karma got him though. He made a derogatory comment one day about people with HIV, it was overheard by a student whose mother had HIV. He left school that day in an ambulance.


16. My teacher had some family issues and ended up not being there most of the time. We finally got a long term sub a couple of weeks before finals, and these boys in my class wouldn't listen to him. We were having a Socratic, the sub asked them to please be quiet, one of them said "we don't have to listen to you!" and another said something along the lines of "you're not a real teacher!" before they were sent outside. It really hurt the long term sub (who has a teaching degree, and is a teacher for all intents and purposes!)

The long term sub didn't come back, and they sent the scariest teacher in the school, along with the principal, to talk to us about how disrespectful we were.


17. As a first year high school teacher, I'm working on getting better with classroom management. One day, we were talking about allusions, and what an Achilles Heel was. I suggested for some it might be math class, and one kid suggested it might be teaching for me. That kid pisses me off.


18. My first semester teaching, I had a world history class of sophomores. We were having a discussion about the enlightenment thinkers. This kid just got back from a few days in ISS (detention). He says, "For 20 bucks I'll give you something that will enlighten you."

He had said worse in the past and just got back from ISS so rather than writing him up, I said, "C'mon you're already on thin ice". Then I held up my fingers showing how thin the ice was (about a centimeter). He responds, out loud to the entire class, "Is that how big your penis is?"

I stood there a little shocked for about three seconds before I just pointed to the hallway for him to leave. Needless to say, he got written up for that. The administrator's face when he read that on the referral was priceless.


19. In eighth grade I went to a hybrid-homeschool. There was this guy in my grade who was super disrespectful to the teachers. In math one day he wouldn't do his work. The teacher was frustrated, and told him he couldn't go to literature until he did the math problems. At this point, the rest of us were already waiting to go in the literature room and the sixth graders were walking into the math room. The guy says he has to pee, the teacher tells him to try the last math problem and then he can go.

I guess he really had to pee, or was just really mad at the teacher, because he stood up, dropped his pants, and peed right there, on the floor of the math room.


20. When I was in high school I had this little Asian lady as a teacher. She used to give out candy for doing well in class. She also kept all her stuff on a little cart that she rolled from class to class.

One day one of the jocks decides to steal the cart and the teacher was helpless as he was easy double her size. She cried.

You know he did a bad thing when his jock buddies didn't even think it was funny.


21. Back in high school, I taught an SAT Math class at my local Chinese School. The class description clearly stated that it was for middle schoolers, but that didn't stop this little 4th grade girl from signing up. I remember on the first day, I asked her whether she was prepared for the kind of material we would be learning, and she responded with a smirk, saying she was probably smarter than the entire class. Now, granted, as the year went on, she DID prove to be very intelligent, but NOBODY has any reason to be that arrogant and pretentious.

Now, this little girl was the LOUDEST kid I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. She would call out regularly during class, and start chatting with the people around her in a very conspicuous manner, almost as if she WANTED to piss me off. She would intentionally delay the start of class every time by drawing all over the smartboard. If I told her to stop, she'd just ignore me and keep going. Every time I had to literally yank the marker from her hand.

Her smartphone would also ring constantly (a 4TH GRADER with a smartphone... I got my first smartphone when I went off to COLLEGE). Anyway, I'd tell her to put it on vibrate or just turn it off, but she'd just crank the volume up all the way. She'd do all of this with an evil little smile on her face.

One day, we finished the lesson early, and we were discussing what we all wanted to do when we grew up. The class started wanting to know what I wanted to do, and I told them I've wanted to be a doctor since I was in middle school. At that point, the little girl snickers and says "You, a doctor? That's a funny joke." She crossed the line with that one. I told her to get out of my classroom. She refused. I took her by the arm and marched her outside, then SLAMMED the door shut on her. After that day, she never gave me any more trouble.



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