Terrified People Share The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened Inside Their Home.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "What's the creepiest thing that's ever happened in your house/apartment?"

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1. Joker the burglar

When I was in my teens my parents took a vacation but left their cars in the driveway. It was just my grandmother (who lived in our house), my younger sister and myself for almost two weeks.

One random night I woke up to our dog growling and the motion censor lights in our back yard turning on. I got up and walked towards the front of the house and noticed a shadow coming through the bottom of the door crack (somebody was standing there). I slowly creeped my way to the peephole and when I looked out, I saw a giant eyeball looking in. I froze for a second in a panic and then rushed to the phone to call 911.

As I was running away from the door the person did one really loud slam on the front door and gave off a laugh that could've been the Joker from Batman. As I'm calling the police, I run to one of the windows to see if I can see what the person looks like and notice an old crappy car speeding off down the street.

I never knew who it was or why they were there. The police believed it was burglars thinking nobody had been in the house because the cars hadn't moved in days.


2. Footsteps and nothing more

One evening as I'm in my room, I hear our front door open. Now, my room is extended past the front of the house, so I'm always the first one to hear someone coming through. We also had those double doors that were heavy, so it was loud regardless. My room is also next to the stairs so I can see people going up.

Back to story, I hear the door open and I quickly glance to see someone walking upstairs. After a few seconds, I hear my little siblings start yelling, "yay daddy's home!!" and they rush upstairs to follow him. My mom quickly follows.

A few minutes pass by and they all run downstairs. My youngest brother is in tears and everyone else is in a panic. Apparently there was no one, even though they all swore they saw somebody go upstairs.

A lot of strange things happened to us after that.


3. Is is anyone here?

When I was younger I spent the day helping a neighbor rake leaves on his property. He was friendly with my family so he walked me home to say hi to my parents. We walked into the house and heard my mom upstairs talking (it sounded like she was on the phone) and walking around. I called for my dad- no answer. My neighbor says "Well it sounds like your mom is on the phone, I'll catch them another time."

We say goodbye and he leaves. I go upstairs to see my mom but I can't seem to find her or hear her anymore. I search the house and it's empty. I'm thinking, "Did she leave the house while I was saying goodbye to the neighbor somehow?"

I call my dad's cell (my mom didn't have one) and he picks right up- I ask him where he is, and if he knows where mom went. "We're at the store, we've been running errands for a couple of hours." Instant goosebumps.

My neighbor and I both heard footsteps upstairs and a woman's voice. No idea who or what it was, but we both heard it. I waited outside until my parents got home.


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4. Tupac haunts the house and hates butterflies

Two things happened in my house when I was in high school that to this day I can't wrap my head around it. The first was my mom found an XXL Tupac shirt in the laundry. No one in the family knew where it came from/never seen it before. We are small people who do not listen to rap, also my family is conservative. It was just bizarre. The other was in the bathroom next to the living room had these 3D butterfly wall decor, like a least 20+ individual butterflies. My dad & siblings were away for the weekend. So it was just me & my mom. On that Saturday she came up to me when I was watching TV & asked why I took them all down & put them in the sink. I didnt.


5. The creepy shadow man

When I was a kid I had no curtains or blinds over my window in my room. There's a street lamp just outside my window, so anything that walks past my window (like a deer) would cast a shadow onto the wall opposite of my window.

Two nights in a row I woke up to see the shadow of a man on my wall. I didn't have enough courage to turn and look up at the window to see who it was. It was late at night too, I knew it couldn't be my dad because I could hear him snoring. The worst part is my bed was in front of the window with my head at the bottom of the window, so whoever was behind me could probably see me.

I think this is the scariest thing to ever happen in my house because it's not something supernatural. There's a good chance it actually was a person creeping in some little girls bedroom window.


6. The mysterious person in the bathroom

My 4 year old son had a habit of announcing when he had to use the bathroom. He would say "I gotta go potty. One time he makes his business known and heads off toward the bathroom. He returns seconds later and says "There's already someone in the bathroom. Now I do know for a fact that it's just the two of us home so the hair stands up on my neck. I ask him, "what do you mean. He repeats, "There's already someone in the bathroom.

Now I'm thinking, is it someone "I see dead people" or someone in a hockey goalie mask.

So I grab the biggest knife from my knife block and tell him to stay here. I walk to the bathroom, take a wide angle to see in, nobody. Slowly and quietly walk toward the shower and pull back the curtain.


By now my son has walked around the corner and I ask him "Where did you see the person?" He points to an un-flushed toilet and says "See, someones already here".

His big brother didn't flush the toilet


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7. The haunted TV

I came home and all the lights were off and when I went into the bedroom the TV had a black screen with white text on the bottom (like subtitles) that said "I'm not home."

Another time I was home alone and went into my bedroom and the TV had that static white snow with a black border on the sides.

Pretty sure my TV is haunted. I am kind of terrified of it.


8. Wrong house

When we first moved in, we found a bunch of drugs and syringes hidden in a hole in the floorboards of a closet in one of the bedrooms.

One night after MONTHS of us living there, my dad heard a noise downstairs, so he went down assuming it was me. No, it was not. I, like the rest of my family, was sound asleep as it was 3AM. He got downstairs and found a young, wasted woman, passed out on our couch.

My dad had to go wake my mom up, so my mom could wake the girl up, so she would feel less threatened. When she woke up, she was a slurring mess. Apparently she lived in the house before we moved in and had a key. While drunk, she forgot that she didn't live here anymore and thought she was just going home. She called someone to pick her up, and we never saw her again.


9. How does she know this? spooky!

My daughter never met my Dad, as he passed away 5 months before she was born.

But the ultrasound to determine her sex was 3 days before he died. So I got to tell him her name, and hung a copy of ultrasound images in his room in the ICU.

Fast forward a year: My Daughter is now 8 months old, crawling around, trying to walk, and the baby babble is starting to sound more like words. So I'm packing her around one day, just doing crap around the house, when she grabs my dad's favorite fishing hat off the coat hook by the front door, where it has hung since the funeral and immediately puts it on, and says clear as day "Pop-pop."

Pop-pop is the grandpa name dad assigned himself, as soon as I told him my wife and I were expecting. I never told my wife this. I've never referred to my Dad as Pop-pop to her or anything, I honestly don't talk about it too much, because it hurts.


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10. The freezer and its built in ice maker

I just moved at the beginning of the month into a new duplex. First night there I keep hearing a clattering from the kitchen and go look, thinking my cat knocked something over.

Nothing. I finally put the cat in the room with me and shut the door. An hour later, clattering from the kitchen. Go run out to look again and nothing. I finally sit on my chair in the kitchen holding a butcher's knife and wait.

Sure enough, clattering.

From the freezer.

I've never owned a fridge where the freezer had a built in ice maker.


11. The witch under the bed

I was pretty young, and I remember waking up in the middle of the night because something was poking the underside of my mattress and causing it to raise up slightly. I got up, went to use the restroom, and came back and remembered why I woke up. The room I had at the time was slightly illuminated by a night light, so I slowly bent down to look under the bed to see what was poking me, and there was a witch or something under my bed. It was a small person/thing with ragged clothes on, and long straggly hair. I remember she hissed at me when I made eye contact, and I ran to my parents' room, and promptly asked to sleep with them.

Now I remember why I loved sleeping on the pullout couch so much as a child.


12. Ghost cat!

Years ago, my ex and I moved into an apartment. Not long after we moved in, we were lying in bed at night talking when we felt my cat jump onto the bed. So I called her name and looked down at the foot of the bed expecting to see her derpy face... except she wasn't there.

I was really confused and wondered if I was imagining things, but my ex had felt it, too. We were staring at the foot of the bed when we felt what DEFINITELY felt like a cat walking across our legs.

Then I called my cat and she came wandering in nonchalantly from the other room, so it wasn't her. We didn't feel it again. I was super surprised by the whole thing, but I wasn't exactly scared. I'm still certain there was a ghost cat that was lonely and just wanted to be around people.


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13. Cats clearly see things we dont

Was home alone, very clearly heard something pretty heavy fall over. We have cats, so I figured they had knocked something over (again). Walk around the house to go pick it up and nothing was out of place. Went back to my room and put on a Disney movie and slept with the lights on.

One of the cats is always getting on top of the bookshelves and looking up at the ceiling and talking" (meowing) in the same way he asks for attention from us.


14. The whole thing is straight out of a horror film

I live in a loft in a downtown area next to a few bars. The entrance to the building is a street side unmarked door, randomly placed between businesses, it usually goes unnoticed. It opens directly to a staircase leading to the three apartments here. It's been a constant fear that drunk people from the bars mistakenly make their way into my foyer.

Back in October, I had the shock of a lifetime. It was about 3am on a work night, and I woke up hearing two very distinct voices coming from my living room area. I have two friends who have keys to my place, in case they are at the bar and need to sleep it off, but neither voice sounded like them. Then I heard what sounded like eerie violin. I thought two drunk people had broken into my apartment, and I guess decided to watch a movie or something? I was freaking out and trying to figure it out. I just hid and hoped it would go away.

Finally the sounds just completely disappeared, which was just as disheartening. I didn't hear any footsteps, so it made me think they grew aware of my presence. I grabbed a weapon I keep next to my bed and slowly creeped toward the living room. Nothing was there, it was pitch black, and everything was turned off.

Turns out my neighbor, who owns the film studio I live above, pulled an all nighter editing his entry to the Halloween horror film contest he hosts every year. He was reviewing his film and accidentally paired with my sound bar instead of his own. He played the audio, very loudly, to a horror film to me in my pitch black apartment at 3 in the morning


15. The creepy childhood home

In one of my childhood homes, the previous owners' son told me their was a myth that an old lady, the original owner, died in one of the bedrooms, and they found her days later. When we moved in, I chose that room as mine because if I didn't sleep there every day, I would be afraid to enter. The floors were hardwood and original. There was an odd stain in one section of the floor. I figured someone accidentally used too much wood stain. Beyond that the room was perfectly normal.

For years odd stuff happened in that house. I would come home alone to find every door perpendicular to its frame. Lights would flick on and I'd hear two people having conversations when I was supposed to be alone. I'd check to see if my parents came home early from whatever, only to find the room was empty and the lights turned themselves on. This happened to my other family members as well, not just me. Once my father called me at school and asked if I was at home because he heard voices, and he was the only person home. We all figured we were just going crazy.

(story continued ...)

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The creepiest of all was years later, I was watching a show called Taboo, where they discuss odd jobs and stuff. One was about the guy who cleans up after crime scenes. Lo and behold he's cleaning up the stain a body left behind on hardwood after sitting there a while. After he was done, the floor was left with the exact same stain pattern I had in my room all along. That made everything that happened in that house a bit more unsettling.


16. Let the baby sleep

A few weeks after our daughter was born we had a really hard night with her not settling. She was in her basket beside our bed and her brother (3) was in his bedroom.

She finally fell asleep around 5.30am and our son woke up shortly after. We could hear him singing through the baby monitor which we still used on him as he'd begun sleepwalking. We were both lying in bed silently listening to our son when a female voice on the baby monitor did a loud "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!".

My significant other leapt up and ran through to our sons room and I heard my son ask "Daddy, who was that?!" He told him it was me but our son insisted it came from the foot of his bed.

Since then we've both heard what sounds like someone walking up the corridor when everyone is in bed and I've experienced a strange feeling where if you leave the flat and have to go back in for something the atmosphere changes from happy family home to terrifying. If I do forget something after going out, if it's not absolute essential, I won't go back in.


17. Old houses have the loudest creaks

My house is old. The abstract goes back to the late 1800s. There have been numerous weird occurrences but a couple stick out. A couple years back I was just sitting in the living room watching TV when the lamp just started rocking back and forth. I lived alone with my dog and the dog was just laying on the couch doing nothing. Creeped me out. A couple weeks ago I was just in the same living room watching TV when I heard the sound of someone/something exhaling near where that lamp was. My dog heard it too. I muted the TV and it kept going to the point my dog went over there to inspect. I moved the furniture to make sure theres no animals there but found nothing. Note I do think this could be like a mouse or something in the wall. But the exhaling was pretty damn audible and it sounded like a person.

I will hear voices sometimes when Im trying to sleep. But the weirdest is since Ive moved in this house there have been times I have woken up in a furious rage to the point it scares me. I am a sleepwalker and Ill come to in the kitchen about to start destroying stuff Im so angry. This has only ever occurred at this house.



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