Why did we try so hard when we were younger?

It was all such a short part of our lives, but we worked so hard to make sure we felt older, looked cooler, and did things "right." Being kids shouldn't have been about that, but we were all in such a hurry to fit in and grow up.

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Police presence causes weird psychological ripples in people.

They could be doing something totally legal and okay and the second they realize someone in uniform is observing them, they get very tense.

Sometimes they start being weird, robotic, or even suspicious--and they would have been fine otherwise?

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We are such strange creatures by nature.

When we are with others we observe social graces. But when we are simply by ourselves, there is no such thing. And when we have a whole house in which to be weirdos in...well, all bets are simply off.

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It's honestly one of the worst things in the world to watch a parent go through an illness.

Something like Alzheimer's, where they lose their grip on reality, is especially taxing for the children of those parents to go through. The parents may not remember who the children are; they may not recognize those children. They may travel back in time in their minds to when they were young.

The changes that come with facing the disease are difficult in nature and sweeping in scope.

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It's a well known fact of life (and cinema) that a drill sergeant, second only to British Palace Guards, are the hardest people on earth to get to react to literally anything. Let alone smile.

People may try, and often, they will fail. But every once in awhile, they are able to coax a little wry grin from the drill sergeant. It may be because they did something dumb, or unexpected, but hey, at least it happened.

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We love to talk about how we are not exactly where we want to be now.

But we forget that our 15 year old selves would probably be amazed at the things we have accomplished. We have to be better about reminding ourselves that at 15, we never could have imagined the cool things we've done in our 20s.

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