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Courtrooms are extremely serious environments where one of the fundamentals of our nation gets played out. Trial by jury, proving without a shadow of a doubt, and dropping last minute bombshells to the shocked faces of those jury members. Things get crazy when a verdict is on the line, and you never know where a case can go.

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It's strange not seeing a childhood friend after many years. You both would've gone through lots of changes, marriages, kids, heartaches, and celebrations. Now, imagine your friend starred in a box-office smashing movie or was the creator of a popular syndicated comedy show? That'd probably be a little weirder when you play catch up, right?

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You never know who's around the corner, gazing into your window, or listening in on your phone conversations, or...controlling the President? Paranoia manifests in many ways, not always the same, and thankfully we have the internet to see how they play out.

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You don't need to sit in a movie theater for 3 hours, watching Marvel's Cinematic Universe finale, to see superhuman acts. Turns out, you can see them in your everyday life. All you have to do is find yourself in an immensely stressful situation, where life and limb are potentially at risk, and there you go!

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Every house has its own set of rules, of which you must abide by when you enter. Still, it's pretty much agreeable by everyone it's probably not best to use someone's refrigerator as a toilet.


You'd think that wouldn't need to be said, but as it turns out, yes, yes it does.

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Everyone's parenting styles are different, typically because every child is different. Consulting a thousand different parenting books by a hundred different authors will tell you a million different ways to handle a child. However, there are some rules you see in action and just go, "Huh?"

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