That sounds awful...

If you are a certain distance from a nuclear explosion, you won't be killed immediately but instead, you'll get third degree burns throughout your entire body. This kills your nerves so fast that it's completely painless.

That time millions of people almost died

The 1961 atomic bombing accident of North Carolina. "The US Air Force came dramatically close to detonating an atom bomb over North Carolina that would have been 260 times more powerful than the device that devastated Hiroshima.

Two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina on the 23rd of January 1961. The bombs fell to earth after a B-52 bomber broke up in mid-air, and one of the devices behaved precisely as a nuclear weapon was designed to behave in warfare: its parachute opened, its trigger mechanisms engaged, and only ONE low-voltage switch prevented untold carnage.

Of the four safety mechanisms designed to prevent unintended detonation, three failed to operate properly. When the bomb hit the ground, a firing signal was sent to the nuclear core of the device, and it was only that final, highly vulnerable switch that averted calamity."

I get goosebumps every time I read about it.

We still don't know

The entire Universe outside our galaxy could have completely disappeared over 20,000 years ago and we still wouldn't know it yet. Our view of the Universe is actually what it looked like anywhere from thousands to Billions of years ago -- with no way to see what it actually looks like "right now". Imagine if you looked out your front window and saw your yard as it was 6 months ago, neighbors house across the street a year ago, and houses a block or two away as they were several years ago. Also off in the distance you see the glaciers from the last ice age. That's what it's like looking out at the Universe.

That's not good

There are 92 nuclear weapons that are known to be missing.

This site, including sources for all the data, indicates there are 92 known lost nukes in 15 separate incidents (as of 2011).

It's called your 'second death'

One day someone will mention you for the last time, then no one will ever mention you again, no one will remember you.

Oh, they know it.

Everyday, one person takes the biggest crap in the world and doesn't even know it.


Your bones are wet.

The real hero the world needs

In 1983, the world came closest to a full scale nuclear war between Russia and the US.

Back then, Russia's nuclear early-warning system reported that a missile had been launched from the United States, followed by up to five more. Stanislav Petrov, the duty officer at the command center at that time, was tasked with observing the satellite early warning network and notifying his superiors of any impending nuclear missile attack against the Soviet Union. If notification was received from the early warning systems that inbound missiles had been detected, the Soviet Union's strategy was an immediate and compulsory nuclear counter-attack against the United States.

Petrov dismissed the warning as a false alarm. He deduced that a first-strike nuclear attack by the United States was likely to involve hundreds of simultaneous missile launches in order to disable any Soviet means of a counterattack. His suspicion was confirmed when no missiles arrived at the proposed time of impact.

Later, it was determined that the false alarms were caused by a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds and the satellites' Molniya orbits, an error later corrected by cross-referencing a geostationary satellite.

So the only reason why civilization as we know it didn't cease to exist in 1983 was the level-headed behavior of a single man.

Which is why I eat dirt. Immune system level up.

"Resistance to antibiotics is growing at such an alarming rate that they risk losing effectiveness entirely meaning medical procedures such as caesarean sections, joint replacements and chemotherapy could soon become too dangerous to perform. Unless urgent action is taken, drug resistant infections will kill 10 million people a year by 2050, more than cancer kills currently, the report's authors warn."

It is a horrible fact, and one that cannot be softened.

The unsettling fact that there are more slaves in bondage today than at any point in human history.

It is a double edged fact because the percentage of the population that are slaves is much lower nowadays than at any time in human history.

Just that there are so many humans, the small percentage of them that are slaves actually translates to the estimated between 21million and 46 million.

It is a horrible fact, and one that cannot be softened. That said, a human is still far more likely to live out a free life nowadays than at any other point in human history.

How is this happening?!

You can think about moving your hand, and it won't move.

But when you want to move your hand it just moves.

You can even want to move it, yet not move it. To move it, you must will it, which is somehow different.


According to a recent Furtwangen study, your kitchen sponge is as clean as turd.


Brain aneurysms can happen whenever, wherever.

Welcome to the beginning!

We are alive at what the overwhelmingly vast majority of the universe will know as the "extremely distant past" - 13 billion years into something that could very well make a trillion years look like the blink of an eye. If the Universe was a download, it would be another 80 billion years before we get to 1% of the amount of time it takes a very small star to go through its hydrogen.

Yep. You and I are alive at the beginning. Not the middle, not the end. We are the bacteria.

Well, I'm never using a mug again.

20% of shared office mugs contain faecal matter.

So sad

The first firefighter killed responding to the 9/11 attacks was struck dead in the courtyard by a falling body. Two people, killed simultaneously -- one on his way in, the other on their way out.

Also, to this point, the fact that people are still dying from 9/11 and it's after effects. My father in law passed this weekend and he was a first responder. His heart failed after his lungs could no longer get oxygen to his blood.

This is something a lot of medical students realize early on.

There are a huge amount of illnesses that aren't curable or even treatable. We have this idea that we go to a doctor, they find out what's wrong with us and then fix us.

There are many illnesses that make doctors throw up their hands because they don't even know what is causing us to be unwell, and people are often ill for years, or life.

That's why I collect mine in a jar!

Humans shed enough skin in their lifetime to amount to a human child -- about 77 pounds worth.

This boggles my mind

That if you have clothes in your wardrobe and food in your fridge, you're in the richest 20% of people in the world. Something so simple would categorize you above 80% of people in the world...

Don't talk to me or my multiple demodex folliculorum ever again

Right now there are tiny little bugs living on your face, munching on your dead skin.

Say cheese

Every picture you pose for could be the one used in your obituary.


If you don't have kids you will break an unbroken line of children that has gone on for tens of millions of years.

Good thing I'll never be able to afford a house.

Without proper soil tests and foundation depths your house is at risk of moving and cracking.

Freshwater Jaws?

Bull sharks can adapt to freshwater. Yep, that's right. Bull sharks, one of the most aggressive fish in the ocean (ahem, that's why they're called bull sharks), has the ability to survive and thrive in fresh water. So long as a freshwater lake or river is connected to the ocean in some way, a Bull Shark has the ability to just decide to start lurking around in those waters.

Millions are affected

I test schools' water for lead. Millions of children across the United States, many people here included, are being exposed to absurdly high levels of lead. This leads to behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, hyperactivity, slowed growth, hearing problems, and anemia. If not for yourself, for the sake of your children, please use filters at home.


The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste. Yum!


No one knows who named our planet "Earth"

This is terrifying

The person that you love and would do anything for could have fallen out of love with you years ago. And for really no reason at all except that's just how it is.

Two guys rule mainstream music.

The majority of modern pop hits are created by the same two men. Clever but also quite unsettling. Everything is facade, a lot of the popular pop artists don't even write their own songs, and artists such as chainsmokers use the same technique for every single song because it's addicting. Two guys rule mainstream music because they figured out a way to create catchy music and sell it to artists who perform it.

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