Doctors aren't always in tune either.

Patients say the darndest things. Often doctors may believe they're hearing is off. But, sometimes it can all seem very run of the mill. Everyday in the ER is not an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" so medical professionals feel like normal is the.... normal, until it's not.

Redditor u/poppyoxymoron wanted to hear from the doctors of the world to discuss a few things by asking.... Doctors of reddit, what was the most shocking case of "oh I thought that was normal" you've seen in a patient?

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At least they're not the kids from 'The Shining.' Or are they?

Kids are weird. Well, truthfully, all people are weird. So it's good to notice the signs when we're young. Sometimes kids say crazy things and often they're a bit off kilter. As a parent, you have to watch for the signs, we have live amongst these people.

Redditor u/finalgumgum wanted parents out there to admit difficult truths about child rearing by asking..... Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your kid(s) has ever said or done?

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