Could you save behavior like this for your therapist?

We all know bosses can be crazy but Lord knows so can employees. When you hire someone you are taking a huge leap of faith that they aren't totally looney tunes. You can vet people sure, but crazy will always finds a way to slip under the radar. What some employees think is appropriate work behavior can be astonishing.

Redditor u/weirdplayer12 wanted to hear from all the bosses out there by asking.... Bosses of reddit, what was the craziest thing an employee did during work?

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Sometimes being with a stranger is just easier.

Sometimes all we need is a hug, a kind word, or just a simple smile. And no matter how much love and support we have from our inner circles it can be easier to find comfort in a stranger. With strangers there is no expectation. They don't know how to help you because they don't know you so all they can do is just be there. On the lighter side, life is filled with moments we all share just as humans. We connect in a dance, in a laugh or a wink to commemorate just living in one particular moment... and it's beautiful.

Redditor u/Pielef wanted everyone to share the moments they've experienced with people they've only just met by asking.... What's the most intimate moment you've had with a complete stranger?

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Not everybody is meant to raise kids and that's okay.

No one said being a parent was going to be easy. In fact the cold, harsh truth about parenting is that it is by the far the most rewarding and excruciatingly difficult thing one can undertake in life. There is no perfect way or exact right and wrong way but there are some definitive ways that lead to a healthy, stable person and relationship. It's difficult to not lead with emotion but when you're a parent it's often the most productive. There are definitely signs to out for that draw the stark contrast of a good parent and a bad one. It's all about helping the children in the end.

Redditor u/1994spaceodyssey wanted to discuss the light and dark sides of parenting by basking.... What are signs that someone is a good parent vs. bad parent?

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Voted most likely to surprise everyone!

When we're in high school it feels like the whole world is at our disposal. We may have dreams of what we think we want to be and we make plans because we're pretty sure how life is going to turn out but boy does life have ideas for us. Just because someone was the smartest or the prettiest or the richest doesn't mean they're going to stay that way. Just re-watch "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion," there is a lesson life's outcomes. The paths for all of us are still unwritten and the destinations can be shocking.

Redditor u/VirusMaster3073 wanted everyone to share able the people they recall from back in the day by asking.... Which high school friend took a path you didn't expect?

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Always be sure of what is in the fine print.

Listen to your gut, it will never steer you wrong. That old adage is one of life's most astute lessons, that sadly many of us tend to ignore. We are all born with some small portion of spidey sense and nine times out of ten if something feels off or feels like it needs attention, then our spidey sense knows first. That doesn't mean we're psychic just "in tune." Listening to that inner voice can not just help to avoid trouble but save lives, literally.

Redditor u/BlaahBlaahDotSheep wanted to hear what situations people were able to avoid by asking.... What was your most serious 'thank f**k I double checked' moment?

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Oh the things people will rent a room for....

Working in the hotel business is never going to be boring, that is a given you know going in. How could it be? You are inundated with people from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Everyday will probably never be the same twice. And the things some staff discover. The men and women of the hospitality world could write a soap opera than wold be stranger than fiction. Heck just staying in hotels has left me shooketh!

Redittor u/ghst0 wanted the hospitality staff out there to tell us a few tales by asking.... Hotel staff of Reddit, what was the most memorable thing you saw in guests room?

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