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It doesn't take much to get in trouble at school, but it does take something exceptional to be expelled. The punishment doesn't always fit the crime, but at times these troublemakers can pose a danger to students and the school. An epic prank taken too far, or a disgruntled administration with a grudge, can often derail a students future for years, but it's rare that expulsion solves any behavioral issues. They're just carried with the student to the next school, and the next and so on. People share the best of the worst.

Redditor u/bananapeel12329 asks:

Expelled students of reddit, what was the reason for your expulsion?

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Two priests walk into a bar...

A good laugh is hard to find, especially these days. To make someone laugh is the best way to break the ice and make them trust us, like us, and maybe even love us if we're lucky. Yes, 'Dad' jokes make us groan and roll our eyes, but they can also challenge our brains with their wit, wordplay, and punny-ness. Let's be honest, NSFW jokes are good, but Dad jokes are G-rate!

Redditor u/glitterywings asks:

What G-rated joke always cracks you up?

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