People Reveal Incorrect-Sounding Facts That Get Their Goat Every Time

There are some things that sound too good to be true (spoiler alert: they usually are), but there are also plenty of things that sound too ridiculous to be true. These facts that just plain sound like lies were the subject of a recent popular AskReddit thread.

Reddit user u/ejaybugboy3 asked:

"What is a fact that you think sounds completely false and that makes you angry that it's true?"


Pretty much anything to do with naked mole rats. They are neither related to moles nor rats, they can use their teeth like chopsticks, they have the social hierarchy of bees, and oh yeah THEY ARE COLD BLOODED



Sympathetic ophthalmia. When you get an injury in one eye and it loses vision, your other eye may randomly decide to go blind as well for no reason. It can happen months or years after the original injury. Sounds like an old wives' tale or some 19 century quack fear mongering, but completely true.



That "unlockable" means both:

Able to be unlocked


Unable to be locked

My 11 year old pointed this out, and I had nothing for her other than a blank stare and then thinking "Well, sh*t. Good job."



The pronunciations of Kansas and Arkansas are not at all similar.



The fact that this sentence is grammatically correct "All the faith he had had had had no effect".


Get ready:

"James, where John had had 'had,' had had 'had had;' 'had had' had had a better effect on the teacher."



The word "Helicopter" is not made up of the words "Heli" and "Copter", but rather "Helico" and "Pter" which are greek for "Spiral" and "Wing"



Coolth is an actual word and it's the opposite of warmth. I love using it but my girlfriend f---ing hates it.



I was talking to my mum about bees one day and telling her where queen bees come from (basically they start out as a normal bee larvae but the worker bees feed it special 'royal jelly' that makes it grow into a queen bee) and as the words came out of my mouth I realized how fake it sounded. My mum didn't believe me and I had to google it later to prove it to her.


It's actually not the royal jelly that makes a queen, it's the lack of beebread (yes, they also went with that name).

Check this out.



The fact that in an electric circuit, even though the electric current is electrons moving from negative pole to positive pole, the definition of a current flow is that it moves from positive to negative. And similar misses in definitions in physics/science that was just decided to stay because changing definitions would be confusing at first.



Bananas are berries but strawberries are not berries.


Raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries are also not berries.


Wanna know what else is a berry? A watermelon


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Being a teacher is like being the mayor of a small village. You're in charge of a community of sorts, with its own customs and laws, and are forced to do whatever you can for the betterment of your citizens/students. Sometimes, that means you need to keep secrets for the easement of their minds, otherwise the entire structure could fall apart.

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