People Share Weird Predictions They Made That Came True

How did I do that?

Intuition is a gift. If only we would all listen to it. It's a part of the psychic gift bestowed amongst us all. There are moments in life that coalesce in the perfect ways it always feels like our minds created it.

Redditor u/Alfredo1114 wanted everyone to divulge some "psychic" moments by asking.... What's a weird prediction you made that ended up coming true?

Marshmallow Man....

I predicted a jar of marshmallows at a Christmas party would contain exactly 214 of them. It did. I won a popcorn maker. ListerineAfterOral

Did you get to eat the marshmallows? NifflerOwl

The Toss.... 

The best coin toss of my life. During the summer, I was playing cards with my friends and I was dominating them. They got frustrated and said "I bet you can't win everything! Especially a coin toss." I laughed and agreed to the game. He claimed it would land on heads. I claimed that the coin was going to be caught in mid air. He laughed then flicked the coin into the air. Now, I intentionally was going to snatch the coin from the air but before I moved my hand, some kid near us jumped and yoinked that coin and took off running. I was dying of laughter that day. THawk108

The Super Win! 

I said the final Superbowl score would be 13-3. People thought I was stupid. So did I. Weird Superbowl. what_ok

I went to a Superbowl party a couple years back where they had one of those betting boards that you put money certain scores for the end of each quarter. I put some money down on one of the teams for their score to be 0 in the first two quarters because I thought it might be funny and actually ended up being right. Won $50. to_the_tenth_power

Hit Me Baby One More Time....


Off hand comment about my brother going full 2007 Britney meltdown about two weeks ago, yesterday he rage-shaved his head. bridgeneem

Going to the Chapel.... 

For our wedding, we hired a great band to play the reception. I was friends with one of the guys from way back and I knew they were good and reliable. However, they were only going to play after dinner so my wife told me to put together a playlist for during dinner. I put together a good low-key playlist for before and during dinner and for between the band's sets.

I started to get a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong with the music. Call it paranoia. So I put together a playlist that could go for the whole reception if necessary. My wife didn't know why I was bothering going through such effort when it was already taken care of.

Sure enough, day before the wedding, one of the band member's mothers dies unexpectedly and the band can't play. Could have been a disaster but I had a kick butt playlist locked and loaded for the reception.

The wedding ended up being perfect and lots of people told me after that they loved my music selection. kitskill

Back to the Future.... 

Before the days of Youtube, I came across this video of early touch screen technology. It was the first time I had ever seen someone zoom in using their fingers. My jaw literally dropped, and I knew in my heart that that would blow up around the world. I wanted to invest money into the tech, and even found a German company that produced them. The problem being? I was under 18 & broke, with no knowledge of investing. That German company went on to make products for Apple. Mind you, this was before the release of the iPod Touch. I still think about that from time-to-time.

Watch promo videos! You might be looking at the future. lhbruen

Red Light Special.... 

Once I had a weird feeling that the person in the car in front of me at the red light (in the left turn lane) was going to miss the island separating the lanes of traffic and then be driving on the wrong side of the road. And then he did. He was fine, there weren't a ton of people coming so they were able to avoid him, and he whipped back to the right side of the road once there was a break in the island/separator. TaigaBeetle

Back to Zero...

In college I was talking to some friends in their room, and one of them left to head to class. As he left, I looked my other friend in the eye, and began a small countdown using my fingers. As I got to zero I pointed at the door, and our other friend walked back through and had a question for us. Other friend freaked out, and I was so happy that worked. Unfortunate_Derek

Love You Robin...


The night before the world found out Robin Williams died, I was watching a bunch of his movies. While searching for the next one to watch, I'd said out loud to myself that it's going to be a sad day when the world loses him. And the very next day, it happened :'( GingerExpress88

Right on Time....


I went to book a flight for my wife, myself, and our not-yet-born daughter and it made me put a birth day for my daughter. So we're something like 6 months away from the due date and I throw out a random date... turns out I was right. Predicted the delivery date 6 months ahead of time. Not_Much_Help

"It wasn't me!"

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