People Share The Weirdest Thing Their Pet Does

Pets are strange; it's one of the main ways the keep us entertained. Some are definitely stranger than others though.

Reddit user u/Urafool asked:

"What is the weirdest thing your pet does?"


She wags her tail in her sleep and it wakes her up. Then she looks at her own tail, super confused.



my bedroom and the hallway leading to it are both hardwood, but the colors are very different (hallway is light, bedroom is much darker).

For whatever reason, my kitty is super hesitant to cross the border from the hallway to my room. He'll stand there making that 'cat about to jump but kind of unsure' motion and eventually he will leap over the entrance way and come cuddle with me.

Never quite figured that one out.

- bondsman333


I had a hamster for about 2 years and we kept him in my room, he would be doing normal hamster stuff, until the moment you started to get undressed/changed clothes; he'd stop what he was doing and stand on his hind legs and just stare at you until you were dressed then he would just go back to whatever he was doing :/


Pervy, shapechanging wizard right there.



She doesn't use her scratching post like a normal cat. She situates herself sideways and circles around the bottom like a shark.



My dog loves to lay on her bed while my boyfriend drags the bed to our room at night. We used to think she was too scared to move or lazy but one time she fell off and scrambled to hop back on. Her own little magic carpet ride I suppose.



One of my cats is both very clever and very stupid. I've taught him to meow and fall over when I make finger guns at him, clever boy! However he also tends to forget that he has to control all four of his legs when going down the stairs, so falls down them at least twice a week. He's also got a habit of only opening one eye. He'll wake up, open one eye, start to go about his day, fall down the stairs, yell at me because it's somehow my fault, then finally remember to open his other eye. If it was consistently the same eye then I'd be worried, but he does it with both 🤷

His brother is a pocket rocket who will randomly zoom around the house and throws his toys at us when he wants to play. He also bites my husband's feet when he wants attention. Also he can hum/meow without opening his mouth which is weird to see.



Idk if weird but cute I guess. If I ask her for a kiss she'll wait for me to crouch down and she'll boop her nose against mine. She won't go to bed unless she boops me. She'll cry and cry it's like a routine and she loves being loved?

She's also very vocal. Makes noises that I haven't heard other dogs make. What she wants depends on her tone. I've learned to decipher them all.

- erdaca


My cat likes to be in the toilet bowl. Doesn't drink the water. Doesn't pee. Just four paws deep in toilet water.

He CRIES if the bowl lid is closed and he can't stand in the water.
It's so odd to me.



You know the game where you put an empty tissue box on a cat's head and watch him try to get it off? My cat plays it by himself. He'll stick his head in the box, walk around with it, then pop it off when he gets bored.



My dog will occasionally freak out at a random object in our house, usually a decorative vase or lamp. He will start barking at it and then won't go in that area of the house for the rest of the day. Hilarious at first but it kinda makes me think my house is haunted.


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