Women Explain How They Went From 'Maybe' To 'No' On A Potential Partner

Ladies, now this is something we could all relate to. And to the men out there - you may benefit also from reading this. Here are a list of things not to do when wooing a woman...

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"I am super freckly, and halfway through our first date beer, he started going in about how freckled woman ought to be flayed. How hideous freckles are - and he wouldn't shut up about it. He just keep going on and on about how ugly freckles were...

So I paid my tab, thanked him for his time, and he started to full out sob -like gasping for air sobbing. About how he thought I was perfect for him. And how sorry he was."

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"I was a single mom talking to who I thought was a great guy. Then he dropped the, 'I don't think I could raise someone else's child...' which you know, I understood. Then he followed with, 'Do you think your parents would adopt him (my son)?' Hold up, what the heck? No.

I understand not being comfortable with raising a child that's not your own, but suggesting I just give him up for you? Screw you dude. Screw you."

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"He told me he was in love with me, the second time we hung out. Not to mention he used to call me in a fit of rage, sobbing profusely when his mother would cook him something he didnt fancy for dinner. 

Yeah, safe to say that fling went no where."

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"When I was 19 I had a part-time job. A guy I worked with was kinda cute and we'd hang out after work and play Rock Band, etc. 

He was nice and I thought we might kinda hit it off. Then one day he started telling me about how the Bush family and the royal family in England are all actually a race of lizard people and part of some giant conspiracy against humanity.

So, yeah. I couldn't do it."

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"After flirting with me for weeks, he saw a picture of my sister and told me she was gorgeous and much prettier than me.

And he was still kind of flirting with me after that.

In all honesty she is prettier then me, always has been, and I knew he would think it, but I never expected him to say it to my face."

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"He was super into nerdy stuff and I thought, heck yeah this could be awesome!

Then he proceeded to quiz me on the most ridiculous stuff to prove I was 'a real nerd' - screw people like that, no wonder why he was single."

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"I met a guy at a concert and he seemed really laid back and funny (at first) so I agreed to go on a date a few days afterwards.

I soon found out he had a serious '1 upping' issue. If he asked about my work day and I said it was really stressful he'd say, 'oh I'm sure it wasn't as bad as my day.'

Or if I said I think I overspent while clothes shopping he'd say, 'I paid $1600 for new golf shirts today, I'm sure you didn't spend that.' 

This went on for even the tiniest little things, the last straw was when I said I loved Frozen and I'd probably seen it a million times. He said in all seriousness 'oh, I've seen it a million and 1." After 4 dates I realized I absolutely cannot put up with someone constantly trying to out-do whatever I said."

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"He was constantly correcting people's grammar to the point of absurdity. 

I was talking about one of my favorite board games and accidentally said 'Cosmic Encounters' instead of 'Cosmic Encounter.'He thought that one 's' was worth interrupting the conversation for so he could correct me. I suddenly realized if I dated him, I would basically be dating Sheldon."

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"It was over for me once I noticed how much he lied. It was practically constant. He would forget that he had already told me a different version of the stories he told me. Once he even messed up telling me what nationality his parents were. The first time he told me his mom was from A and dad from B. Second time mom was suddenly from B and dad from A. 

I tried telling him that he could be honest with me and just tell me why he felt the need to lie like that, but he just got mad at me and told me more lies so I eventually gave up and just went with it. 

I still get sad thinking about him, I just think he was incredibly insecure and he had absolutely no reason to be."

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"He told me he was excited about the possibility of a relationship with me, and couldn't wait to delete our individual Facebook profiles and create a joint couples one. 

No. Heck no."

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"He took me to see 'Wreck It Ralph' on our first date. The movie was fine although he was really socially awkward. After the movie, he stumped me by saying that he had already told his entire family I'd be joining them for dinner... 

It was so awkward because during the dinner his dad kept saying things like 'oh, we're so happy he has a girlfriend to come to his hockey games now' and other odd things like that. All while he smiled and nodded as if I was just going to stick around forever now that I met his family. 


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"He was more of a 'Friends With Benefits' type of guy but when he told me out of the blue in a very weird rude manner that if I would get pregnant by accident he wouldn't be involved in any way - it was a red flag.

After that he proceeded to push me to do it without a condom. So yeah I wasn't interested in anything more after that, he was a douchebag.

Also, to clarify I was on the pill and in no way interested in having any babies."

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"I realized that I didn't want to date this gentleman when he confessed he wasn't a doctor, and in fact he volunteered for St.Johns ambulance. 

The lie wasn't his fault however as I'd been talking to his mother on the 'Plenty Of Fish' dating website and not him (she was pretending to be him to try and fix him up with women)."

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"Before our first date, he texted me and told me that he told his mom 'he met someone.' So I thought...errr...ok.

Then during our date, he spoke nonstop about how smart, awesome and compassionate he was. When I told him I volunteered for an animal rescue, his response was a disgusted look and 'oh you're bringing stray to your home.' 

After seeing that I was visibly pissed by that remark, he proceed to tell me how he really like dogs, used to have a dog when he worked in Africa. He claimed he took really good care of it and even took time off to take the dog to the vet, but unfortunately had to tie it in the yard when he had to escape in the night but he made sure to leave it with some water. And now, as a result he would really like to adopt a sick and disabled dog to take care of it. 

It was hard keeping a straight face after that and obviously, there was no second date."

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"There was this guy who was smart, educated and very ambitious. We went out together a few times and it was going fine until he started criticizing me for the time I spent with my friends. Every time I wanted to go and see them, he would act like he was depressed and needed to talk to me so I wouldn't go see my friends and would go see him instead. That was awful and he was childish."

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"He would call other girls ugly in an attempt to say I was pretty. 

And that was just too immature and rude for me."

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"He was good-looking and superficially charming. We got along decently, and he wasn't actively mean or anything so it took a while for me to realize that he was an awful guy to date. Although, I did notice he wasn't very affectionate.

I would buy him drinks and meals and shower him with compliments to make him feel better about his insecurities but he never complimented me, paid for me, or said/did anything particularly nice. The intimacy was also a lot of me giving and he was never reciprocating.

After we'd been dating for a few months, I was having a rough time and opened up to him about my fears and insecurities. Instead of comforting me he told me that my insecurities were completely ridiculous and illogical and made me feel guilty for feeling sad. When I confronted him about it he revealed that he doesn't believe in compliments or in comforting people because it 'encourages people to be insecure and doesn't fix the problem.'

It ended when he offered to make us breakfast, I ate a small plate of it and cleaned up everything for him, and he charged me $25 on Venmo. That's when I realized he may have actually been a sociopath."

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"I was talking to this guy when I was 18. I met him on a dating site. Lots of stuff he did was odd and there were tons of red flags but he was really sweet (I thought). Anyway, he was coming into my town for the weekend and he called me while he was driving. He asked me, 'What's the weather like for my trip?' So, I told him what our local forecast was looking like.

In the most demeaning and abusive tone I've ever been spoken to by a man, he goes, 'No, HOW WILL THE WEATHER BE FOR MY TRIP?' I was obviously confused and he became even more agitated. Then asked me if I wasn't intelligent. 

Then, eventually he hung up on me because I became defensive. He called me back a while later and apologized but told me to, 'never speak to him like I did, again' and said 'if we're gonna work out you've got to learn to be able to do what I ask."

Apparently, he'd wanted to know what the forecast was along his driving route for the entire four hour drive to my town. I'm not a freaking meteorologist! So, I ended up meeting him despite my gut instinct not to, at that point (there were relatives with me and aware of what was going on. I was 18 and I understand the decision wasn't very smart). 

He begged me to go for a 'ride' with him to the gas station. I refused. Had I consented, I definitely would've been sexually assaulted - no doubt.

He ended up leaving after making plans for a date for the following afternoon. Twenty minutes later he had deleted his profile on the site we met on and we never spoke again. Thank God!"

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"He kissed like a puppy. I have never had so much saliva on my freaking face. Not a fan. And I don't care how hot you are, don't lick my freaking face."

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"I met a guy abroad - he and his friend, and me and my friend were the only guests from our country. So we clicked instantly and had this super romantic cliche summer fling thing. 

We met back home and turns out he legit held the belief that women were less than men, 'because women are not prepared to apply themselves the way men are.' And he 'had never met a women as intellectual as himself before.'

Yeah okay...thanks, but no thanks. It didnt last."

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