Women Reveal The Moment They Decided There Wouldn't Be A Second Date.

If you can feel love at first sight, can you detect date disasters? Here are stories from 35 women, who lived through first date disasters.

1. Can I Kiss You?

Went to the bathroom and sent me a text, asking if he could kiss me.


2. Clowning Around

Put on a red clown nose and started jazz scatting instead of talking. I will never know why.



3. No Second Chances

Met a guy online and agreed to meet him at a restaurant. He was waiting for me in the parking lot. I barely had time to get out of my car before he was shoving his tongue down my throat. I went ahead with the date chalking it up to exuberance. Afterward he sent me a long email about how excited his whole family was for us and he couldn't wait to get married. I let him know real quick that wasn't happening. Then, his twin sister calls me begging to give him another chance.


4. Steering In The Wrong Direction

Grabbed my steering wheel because he didn't like the route I was taking to drop him back off at his house.


5. I've Got A Fighter

He told me he'd gotten into a fist fight every day for the past month and that he had a knife fight with a homeless person the day before. Otherwise, he was very interesting and well spoken, but suffice it to say we did not have a second date.



6. Show Me The Money

Sat down at the table and very deliberately placed his wallet overflowing with cash and his rolex next his plate. Told me he'd take me shopping, so I'd start dressing like a woman.



7. Bye Felicia

He said, "is it weird I want to get you pregnant?"



8. The Great Escape

Not only talked about his ex, but broke down crying about her, saying she was the one. He then went into the bathroom and stole a sign off the restaurant wall and we had to make a quick exit as they threatened to call the cops.



9. Saved For A Rainy Day

Saved his q-tips... Used q-tips.

Like. They no longer serve a purpose. You can't reuse a used q-tip.

There was like 40 just sitting on his bathroom sink. Next to a trashcan.


10. Sister, Sister

Went on and on about how awful his sister was. Then he told me they live together and asked if I wanted to go meet her.


11. Root Of All Evil

Told me that women are the root of all wars in the world, and when men found a way to reproduce without needing women there would be a genocide, except for the more attractive ones who would be used for sex.



12. Keep Calm And...

The waiter accidentally delivered the wrong meal to him, and when he was pointing it out, he was pretty mad and slammed his hand on the table for emphasis. I'm not about people who are rude to waitstaff and anyone who can't control their minor irritation in a public setting.



13. Karate Kid

Told me he's only missing his yellow belt. I'm Asian. He does no martial arts.


14. Bad Blood

Mentioned his ex had accused him of being emotionally abusive.



15. Don't Blink

The guy stared, constantly. Near unblinking, nonstop staring. It progressed from awkward to uncomfortable to straight up scary over the course of the evening. At one point, while I was in the middle of speaking to the other couple we were with, he reached over, grabbed me, and stuck his tongue down my throat. People, I don't care what Hollywood shows in movies, that isn't cool.


16. Liar, Liar

Lied about his height on his profile.

I don't care at all if the guy is shorter than me, but be honest. I am 5'8" - if the top of your head comes up to the bottom of my chin, I'm going to know you're not 5'10". If you're going to lie about something that obvious, what else are you hiding??


17. A Deeper Level

"I've always dated super attractive girls and even a couple playmates, but I really think that you're special and I can tell we're really connecting on a deeper level." .... Half an hour of talking about himself into the date.



18. The Science Guy

"I hate Bill Nye. All these kids come into the STEM majors because of him and I can't stand him." Followed by "Oh if you're taking a year off you should just drop out, you won't be going back. It's just a history degree anyway, it's not like you're going to be a doctor or a chemist like me."



19. Mall Rat

Asked me to meet him at the edge of a food court at a local mall. We'd talked about his awesome sushi place near by so I figured he was going to just meet me at the food court and we'd walk to the sushi place. Nope, we ate at the food court while he told me about how much he liked that sushi place..... I gave him that one, maybe he just really felt like below average food court food. Then he opened his laptop while I was bussing our trays and put his headphones on as I sat down.

I sat there like a loser for about 3 mins then waved and walked off. He didn't acknowledge me at all after I got back to the table. I got home and he texted me to let me know he had a great time.


20. The Dictator

Went back to her place for some drinks and she said "Hitler doesn't get enough credit for his accomplishments, people only talk about the bad things he did."



21. The Yes Man

Agreed with absolutely everything I said all evening. He made me lead the conversation, and even when I deliberately came out with some pretty unpleasant "views" - he would agree.

I tried to counter this by shutting up and allowing the awkward silence to bloom for about five minutes before he tried to continue the conversation. I disagreed with him on purpose. He then agreed with me.

This guy had no personality of his own. Either that, or he was so desperate for a girlfriend he would take anyone. Talk about an insult; especially as it seemed as though he thought I was dumb enough to go along with it.


22. Enjoy The Movie

When I got to the restaurant he was watching an adult film on his mobile phone.


23. Flight Risk

Asked me if I watched ISIS beheading videos as much as he does.



24. Petting Zoo

I had a guy ask me if I was into having sex with animals on the first date. I almost threw up in the restaurant. I was so shocked and disgusted I excused myself to use the bathroom and left him there. Never heard from him again.



25. Blind Date

Set up on a blind date by a mutual friend...

Told me if I had any pictures on my Facebook he deemed provocative I would have to take them down by our "next date".


26. Wear Something 'Nice'

He said he wanted to take me somewhere nice, so I dressed up. He took me to the drive-thru at Taco Bell. There was no second date.



27. We All Scream For Ice Cream

Me: I'm lactose intolerant.

Him: Let's go to Baskin Robbins.

All I could have there was lemon lime sorbet.


28. Sleepover

He assumed he was spending the night at my place...and mentioned this pretty matter-of-factly about 30 minutes in to dinner.


29. Extremely Good Looking

"I am a very attractive man. I mean, look at me. I'm basically God's gift to women. I can do whatever I want and because I'm so good looking, I'll get away with it too." He was dead serious. He was also not attractive. Only time I ever used the fake emergency phone call to get out of a date.



30. Second Date?

He started trying to get me to plan the next date with him. That would be fine, had it been going well and he said something akin to, "So are you free again next week?" Instead, he showed no interest in actually getting to know me, asked no questions, and then said, "Hey, let's go down a canyon on a night hike tomorrow night." I asked if he was going with a group He told me no, he was hoping it could just be the two of us.



31. Respectable Man

He was bragging about how many women he had slept with and how he was a great respectable guy because he had even said no to some ladies who had wanted to sleep with him.



32. Leave A Note

We went for a walk through the open market on a Saturday morning. Just walking and shopping and getting to know each other. Then he spots his ex girlfriend's car in the parking lot. This is when he starts to rant loudly at me in the middle of everyone, about her and some other dude and how he's going to write her a note and slip it in her car window ... people are starting to stare as if he is actually ranting at me as if we were a dysfunctional couple out for a lovely morning filled with public shame.


33. Here's A Tip

We split the bill. I left a tip, he didn't.


34. The Elderly Chaperone

He brought his grandma on the date with us.

Yes, he knew it was a date.

No, this wasn't in middle school or before either of us had a license. He literally just invited his grandma along.



35. Where Do You Work?

He'd had eight jobs in two years, and every boss and coworker he'd ever had was "a jerk." He also asked me what my favorite sexual position was before we'd even sat down at the table.



Those of us who live in New York live this truth on a daily basis.

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